Staying Up Late

December 6, 2006

It seems that I have this thing about me where I always want to stay up a little past any time that is socially acceptable. I got so excited when I joined the Night Watch because it meant that I could stay up all night and the people around me weren’t constantly telling me how crazy, stupid, or psychologically disturbed I was.

Well… I have reached that point, yet again, where my sleeping habits are attracting the scorn of many a friend.

A few months ago, I fell in love with the morning section at IHOP. Especially on the weekends, there is this amazing hiddenness to the mostly empty prayer room (that used to be in the night watch). I enjoy the worship teams, and there are a handful of really amazing people faithfully showing up every morning who just encourage me by their presence.

Because they are situated right next to each other, it seems conceivable that a person could do both the night watch and the morning section. Midnight to noon. Not so bad, really. 

Well, it would seem that everyone else disagrees. I had check-ins with my supervisor tonight (Clay), and we spent the entire meeting talking about how “horrible” that schedule was and the fact that I really need to leave it. Clay even suggested that I switch to days so that I could do mornings!!! And he is certainly not the first to suggest it. My friend Cheston has recommended this several times. When I said that I couldn’t possible leave the night watch and do days, his response was, “Well… you can’t do the night watch either.”

Ouch. Point taken.

I am really wrestling with this right now. I think I am going to continue staying up until some time between 10am and noon until the onething conference. (I will most likely be switching to days for the conference, anyway.) Alisha (also a section leader in the night watch) suggested that I find three or so close friends who know me well and can tell me when my schedule starts to send me off the deep end. So, I think I am going to set up a net of close friends around me and try it out for a while.

The hiddenness of the morning section is likely to disappear within a few years, just like it did in the night watch. Why not enjoy it while it exists and I have the added freedoms of being single and in my twenties?


One comment

  1. You definitely need to be sleeping. Don’t try to rationalize around that.

    As I said when I was there, I just don’t get why they don’t make it possible (i.e., with the various expectations and schedule conflicts) for the Night Watch to start your day in the prayer room. Whatever our schedule, it makes the most sense to me that we begin our day with the LORD (give Him the first fruits of our time).

    In any case, I think it’s cool that you love the mornings, too. 🙂

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