Upcoming Birthday

December 13, 2006

Years of experiencing the December Dis (a term you will understand well if you have a December birthday) are almost compensated for by the experience of Night Watch Birthdays.

When you are on the Night Watch, you get two whole days for your birthday by the simple nature of the hours that you are awake. In fact… we tend to draw it out to almost a week, but at least two days of that are totally legitimate.

First, there is the day that your birthday begins. Though it’s not official until midnight, the entire day (leading up to midnight) is filled with the joy of anticipation. In a few hours, it will officially be your birthday. So you’re already in celebration mode… and rightfully so. Plus, since we all serve in the prayer room during the night watch, the time at which we are most likely to see all of our friends is after midnight… at which point your birthday has begun, beyond all arguement.

Though you may go out to breakfast or something after the prayer room, you do eventually have to go to bed. But when you wake up the next day… it’s still your birthday! So, day two of birthday celebration begins. And just because the date changes over at midnight doesn’t mean it has stopped being your birthday. It was your birthday when you woke up and you are still awake. So it is still your birthday. It’s as simple as that.

Because we generally only have one night off every week, you are likely to celebrate on your night off as well. And we have this habit around here of taking people out for dinner if we happen to have missed their other birthday celebrations. In fact, last year, I think I went out to dinner THREE times for one person’s birthday. It might have only been twice, though. (I only paid for hers half of one of those times, though. I don’t exactly have a lot of money.)

Anyway… my birthday is on the 22nd, and I am definitely looking forward to that. I already have friends asking me what I want to do. And… since our EGS was conveniently cancelled… my schedule is completely open.  We are pretty serious about birthdays around here, too. It’s just a week and a half away…



  1. I’m excited for your birthday too. You have to add the fact that christmas is three days after, and I bet besides celebrating christmas, we’ll be celebrating the fact that your birthday was just three days ago – so really, your birthday could quite possibly last a week 🙂 🙂
    P.S. I’m glad we’re roomie, AND even more glad we’re friends 🙂

  2. Yay for Nightwatch birthdays!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously. I enjoy celebrating my friends two days in a row! (And I definitely can’t complain about BEING celebrated two days in a row.)

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