The Birthdays

December 26, 2006

I thought I would give a follow-up report on the multiple days that comprised my birthday. The short version: They were absolutely amazing. Now for the longer version…

Tuesday and Wednesday were the days of anticipatory birthday breakfasts. Wendy took me out after the prayer room the first day, and then Alan the next day. 

Thursday (the official day 1 of my 2-part birthday), Amanda took me to my favorite restaurant, Macaronni Grill. That was fantastic (and made for some really great left-overs as well). I then spent the next several hours at Lauren and Audra’s house where I hung out with a bunch of friends, blew out some candles, and played with wax. After coming home, I spent some time opening (and playing with) a beautifully random gift (complete with instructions). –>

I spent Friday with a bunch of friends at a black-tie Christmas party that a friend of mine, Matthias, had at his place. The party was amazing, and I’m really glad I decided to go (despite earlier suspicions that it was a pity invitation). At the party, I met someone who I had been wanting to meet for months. (His name is Brent, and he is good friends with a bunch of people I know–Richard, Chris, Joe, Heba, Jenn, etc. I hear his name all the time, but had yet to meet him until the party.) Anyway… that was a big moment.

Shortly before midnight, we convinced Matthias to leave his own party and a few of us went to the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. We were the obnoxious last people in the restaurant who show up just a little bit before they lock the doors. That was also quite fun. (See pictures below).

I still have one or two friends who want to take me out for my birthday. So the celebration isn’t quite over.

In all, it’s been a good birthday this year. 🙂

So… ummm… here are the post-party pictures. They’re sad… very sad. But they are so amusing that I’m sharing them with yall…


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