Tall Shoes

December 28, 2006

I love heels. I always have. But I have a general issue with shoes being too tall for me. While I am not as enormously tall as I was in elementary school (the rest of the world caught up), I’m still a tad bit above average. So… if a shoe has too much of a heel… I’m suddenly towering over 98% of the guys around me. I don’t like feeling like a giant.

I recently went shoe-shopping to complete an outfit for a black-tie Christmas party. I found the perfect shoe… only it was twice as tall as I wanted it to be. In the end, I gave in and bought them anyway.

Well… the shoe worked out fine… and I discovered that some of my newly-“acquired” male friends are delightfully tall. Praise the Lord for the “over 6 foot” crowd. I love standing next to tall guys.

So, that was cool. The shoes looked great with my dress… I didn’t feel like a giant… my feet were cute… my ankles weren’t killing me… I didn’t fall over. But then… I discovered the true glory of tall shoes.

Yesterday, I was trying to change a light-bulb that was just a little bit too high for me. I could reach it if I stood on my tip-toes… but my balance was not stable enough to guarantee that I would not drop and break the light-cover that I was in the process of unscrewing. And then I had a streak of genius. Put my heels on!

So… grubby cleaning clothes and everything, I donned the dress-shoes and continued about the task of changing the bulbs. And it was amazingly easy! I was at the perfect height and had no trouble at all in doing what I needed to do.

So… the “life-changing” discovery of the day: high heels are great for changing just-out-of-reach light bulbs. And I am just going to take a leap and assume that they are basically ideal for most just-out-of-reach tasks involving things that are over your head. 🙂

Pretty Shoes


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