It Didn’t Work!

January 27, 2007

I am now sitting in the middle of failed attempt number 15 in the effort to go to bed by 7am. (Yes… 15 days in a row I actually failed miserably when I tried to go to bed on time.)

This is going to be harder than I thought it was. Or… is it just that it is going to be as hard as I expected it to be? Either way, it’s rough! I miss staying up until 2pm!



  1. Is 5:00pm really the time you wrote this?? Say it isn’t so! 😉

    And I was mainly commenting to say I resemble… er, I mean I *resent* the Beety comment description in the sidebar. 😀 Now *nobody’s* going to know how to spell my name…

  2. Seeing my comment at 9:25pm, I guess you’re time zone is off. But that would be… what… 11pm for you?

  3. It was 11…. though, 11am. Close enough.

    I just fixed it, so future blogs and comments should start appearing with the correct time and all. I just never bothered to mess with it before. There are many things i haven’t “bothered” to do yet.

  4. I’m such a dork. I’m so used to “AM” only meaning 12am-6am I automatically put PM. I think we both know which one I meant.

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