Breakthrough in Prayer

January 31, 2007

Seriously… all of my best moments in the prayer room happen after 6am… ’cause here’s another one.

Around 6:30 am on the day of this post, I found myself praying for someone who’d hurt me. (For the sake of simplicity, we will call this person Theophilus. And since my randomly selected name is masculine, I’ll be using he, him, and his.)

I’ve prayed for Theophilus MANY times since the infliction of the pain and what-not… but this time… I was REALLY praying for him. I don’t even know what brought me to that moment or how to describe it… but I was truly gripped in the place of intercession. I was weeping and desperately crying out to God with a deep desire to see Him move.

It was like I really caught a glimpse of God’s heart for Theophilus. Suddenly, I was outside of my own hurt and saw his pain and his suffering. And it totally messed me up. He was wounded. He was broken.

I found myself asking for his healing in a way I never had before. My cries for God to strengthen and free him rivaled my most desperate pleas for myself in those times when I most truly recognize my need for a Deliverer, Savior, and Redeemer.

I was asking the Lord God, merciful and compassionate, longsuffering and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness to come and be Himself to Theophilus (Exodus 34:6). I was calling on the God of the promises…. the God who restores and heals and saves; the God who looks on the poor and lowly with compassion; the God who makes all things new; the God of hope; the God of peace; the Father of glory; the One who is called Faithful and True and is coming to bring justice on the earth.

It’s been a long time since I prayed for anyone or anything with that kind of a burden… with that much intensity… and that much face leakage.

I don’t know if it would be more accurate to say that this time of intercession was a sign of healing or a further step in my own healing. Perhaps both. Surely both.

God did something in my heart to bring me into agreement with His own desires for Theophilus… His own desire to come and do what only He can do. And there was something significant about me asking Him to do those things… something powerful in God bringing me to a place of speaking those blessings over him. It’s the power of forgiveness and letting go.

And while I know that God is faithful to complete that which He has begun, I think it would be folly to say that my own healing has reached its completion. There are so many walls to tear down. So many lies and accusations to chase away with the light of the truth. So many fears to cast out in His perfect love. But I know that He is doing it.

In fact, God has been pulling up a lot of that stuff in the days following that time of intense prayer. In the last two days, especially, I am crying a lot again. But I know that He is bringing me to the place of trusting Him and leaning on Him. And as my heart pants and my strength fails me, I am learning to live in the reality that God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever (Psalms 38 & 73).


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