The dot in my header

February 7, 2007

OK… this is pretty random and pointless… but I was curious, and it’s my blog. So here it goes…

Does anyone actually know (or want to guess) what that white dot is in the picture at the top of my blog?

I know the answer… because I took the picture. But, I wondered if it was obvious to everyone else.



  1. The moon, the moon, the beautiful moon?

  2. it’s either the moon, or the scientologists are right and aliens really are coming to earth.

    i’m going to go for the former, even if it hurts l. ron hubbard’s feelings…

  3. It looks like the sun to me…

  4. oooh… oooh… i know! the moon! 🙂

  5. An airplane?

  6. It is definitely the sun.

  7. Just for the sake of something different, I am going to go with a planet of some sort, mars? jupiter? I don’t know, something cool though…

  8. And finally… the answer that we’ve all been waiting for…

    – The scientologists were right, but this is not the photo that proves it (kidding!)…
    – It is remarkably similar to an airplane… considering that airplanes and my dot have virtually nothing in common…
    – It isn’t really anything cool (well, I think it’s cool, but it’s also rather “normal”)…
    – And it does look quite a bit like the sun… in fact… some might say it’s kind of like a reflection of the sun…

    ‘Tis the beautiful moon indeed.

    The picture you are looking at (complete with it’s fun sunset-reminiscent colors) is actually a moonset. The sun rose a short while later directly behind me.

  9. Coming to the conversation late (nothing unusual in that), I think it’s kinda cool that it looks recessed, like a divot in the fabric of space. And that makes sense, in terms of both gravity and light. Really, matter itself might be better understood as a kind of nothingness, especially given that we know the Unseen to be substantial and real.

    Another interesting imaginative possibility is that it’s a partial reveal of whatever’s hiding behind the curtain of the sky, a portal even.

    So, yeah, okay, we know the answer, but do we really *know* the answer.

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