How I Love the Snow

February 9, 2007

A friend was driving me home tonight when I noticed white stuff falling from the sky again. With great hope and excitement, I said, “I think it’s starting to snow.”

And then I saw it… perfectly sprawled out on the windshield directly in front of my face… a snowflake. It was so beautiful! You could see it’s six little symmetrical points and everything. We stopped the car (half-way through a drive that seriously takes less than 2 minutes) and sat there staring at the snowflakes that were spreading themselves out on the still ice-cold windshield. Tiny ones, large ones…  Snowflakes of all sizes displaying 6 clearly visible points.

After several futile attempts to get my phone to take a picture of the initial snowflake that caught my gaze, I finally went inside to enjoy not freezing and think about how much I love snow… and the One who came up with the whole idea of a snowflake in the first place. My eyes were even welling up with tears.

Beauty really was made to move our hearts. And true beauty always points back to Him. I love it. I love Him!

Can a snowflake “sprawl”?



  1. 🙂 If you’re the first snowflake there, have the whole windshield to yourself, and the wipers haven’t been called into action yet,

    absolutely you can s p r a w l

    (He is a God of Wonders, isn’t He?)


  2. He really is. 🙂

  3. Hey, isn’t that one of the songs on “The Mystery”? “Do You Know How I Love the Snow” ;-D Sorry, just feeling silly. And that is one of my favorite songs . . . the real one.

  4. I was at the gym a few days ago and saw a bit of a Martha Stewart episode (while pedaling a bike and listening to David Sliker’s message from Onething on my MP3!!! How’s that for multi-tasking?!). It caught my attention because I had just the night before read your blog about the snowflake stamps your friend had sent you…and Martha was featuring a snowflake photographer. He has some amazing photos and I tried to remember his name to tell you but…well, my multi-tasking only gets me so far and I don’t remember his name. So I googled “snowflake photos” and came up with this guy…

    I don’t think it’s the same one but he has some beautiful pictures, on blue backgrounds (some of the other photographers use boring black). Thought you might enjoy!

    I love snowflakes too. Living in Rochester, NY we tend to see a lot of them!~

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