Job’s Friends

February 13, 2007

OK… when you think of Job’s friends, I’m sure that you aren’t suddenly overwhelmed with warm fuzzies. I mean, at the end of the book, didn’t Job have to intercede for them lest the Lord deal with them according to their folly?

But… if you look at the end of Job 2… Job’s friends were doing pretty good. It was just opening their mouths that got them in trouble. I mean…  who couldn’t use a few friends like this:

And when they raised their eyes from afar, and did not recognize him, they lifted their voices and wept; and each one tore his robe and sprinkled dust on his head toward heaven. So they sat down with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, and no one spoke a word to him, for they saw that his grief was very great.

A few weeks ago, some friends and I were discussing this, and I mentioned that I would love to have friends like that in difficult times. When someone you love is hurting, it is hard to sit there knowing that you don’t have answers for them or the solution to all of their problems. Sitting in silence takes humility. It is an immensely difficult thing to do.

Well… Sunday night/Monday morning, I found that I have friends who are willing to do just that.

When I got the news of my mother’s death, it only took a couple of seconds before Sarah and Audra were at my side… holding me as I wept on the phone (and after I finally hung up). We had all been praying for her before the call came, so it didn’t take much to figure out what had just happened.

In the minutes that followed, those friends made lot of difficult calls for me. And then they just sat with me in silence. Praying with me… crying with me. And I am so grateful for that time. It meant more to me than I could rightly describe.

We didn’t sit in silence forever. Eventually there was some light conversation. And then Clay Edwards proved his absolute brilliance yet again…

Clay asked if he could ask me a few questions. With a little hesitation, I replied, “Why not?” By the time he had asked the first question, I knew that I really liked where it was going: “Do you like dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate?” In the end, that may have been the best line of questioning I’ve ever been hit with.

Travis and Jessica arranged my flight and bought my ticket for me. I probably would have had a complete breakdown if I’d had to stop and try to do that myself. (And I have no idea how they payed for it… but they tremendously blessed me in that.)

With the information that Clay had gathered, he and a couple of the girls (Amanda and Anna) ran off to do some speed-shopping before I had to catch my plane. They brought me a pretty amazing care package before I had to leave. A care package that has been greatly utilized since I got to Texas.

So… to the friends who were there with me last night… the ones who sat in silence… the ones who made all of those difficult phone calls for me… the ones who got out of bed to come and sit with me… the ones who helped me pack my overloaded suitcases… the ones who drove to the airport with me… all of you. Thank you.

Sarah, Audra, Kirk, Travis, Jessica, Matthias, Amanda, Misty, Anna, Lauren, Clay, Wendy, Stacey, Becca… thank you. Truly. You have all been amazing friends to me. (Misty and I sat at the airport and talked about what an amazing community God has placed me in.) And to those who sent text messages and left messages… thank you. Your prayers are of immeasurable value to me.

(By the way… lets not get into a “You idiot, I know everything you know…” debate like Job and his friends did in the following 30 or so chapters.)



  1. Thanks for taking some time to blog. It means a lot to me to see what you’re thinking and hear how you’re doing. 🙂

    You’re an amazing friend and I’m honored to know you. Love ya.

  2. i like you.

    you bless me.

    that’s all, really…

    and you can for sure see the new “no fear in love” artwork. who else knows my heart well enough to really see what i’m drawing? i like informed interpretation. : )

  3. hi dear one,
    I am so sorry to hear this news. I am definitely praying for you and your dad and the rest of your family.
    love you lots

  4. I too am honored. By the way, you know I’m never really up for much debate.

  5. I never saw Job 2 in this light – the silence of his friends. How powerful an example of humility and friendship!

  6. As my own dad was saying Friday, there are few things more comforting to a father than to know that his child is surrounded by the kind of love and support that you have. My words have seemed especially weak for the last couple of weeks, but thank you to everyone who sat in silence and hugged and wept with my daughter, for the care package, the consolation, the plane ticket, for your friendship and love when I could only be a distant voice on the phone. Thank you, Matthias and Loren and Sarah (and Jennifer) for driving down to be with her here in Texas (and, indeed, thank you to all of our Texas friends as well, especially Heather who has stood by her so faithfully). Christine may have told you that I am freaky proud of my little girl. That extends to her wonderful friends. And the favor of the LORD upon her (which, of course, is fundamentally unearned but it is also clear that we choose whether or not to position ourselves to optimally inhale His blessing) is no more evident than in the friendships and the Kingdom family, in particular, the ministry community of the House of Prayer, that He has placed around her. Oy, I meant this to be a short message (know that when Christine rambles she is owning her inheritance 🙂 ). And I am sure there is much–and many people–that I’m leaving out. You know who you are and that the LORD sees; indeed, you are more interested in loving than in receiving thanks or acknowledgment. But to all who have so beautifully extended the love of Christ to my little girl: thank you so much. And please continue to stand by her.

  7. Um, Lauren, I am so sorry I mashed your name. I hate when that happens. Really. Blasted comments anyway. Can’t be edited. Grumble. Time, space and the whole business is a mess. But I digress. Anyway, sorry, Lauren.

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