5 Consecutive Movies

February 25, 2007

Wow… I can’t believe what I just spent the whole day doing.

My dad and I watched five movies today. We went to the AMC Best Picture Showcase of the 2007 Oscar Nominees. That’s more than a 12-hour day at the theater. I practically felt like I lived there by the end of the day.

Why did we do it? Well, it seemed like it might be fun to do something a little bit insane together before I returned to Kansas City on Wednesday. And my dad had wanted to see most of the movies anyway. So why not enjoy a full day of free popcorn and fountain drinks and see them all?

(Speaking of the free popcorn… I am never going to eat that much popcorn again in my life. What was I thinking???) 

And now that it’s over? Well, for one thing, I was reminded why I don’t watch movies very often anymore. Oy. I will say it again… Oy. And… I don’t think I’ll ever see so many movies all at once again. But I did enjoy it. It was fun spending the day with my dad. And I really enjoyed a couple of the movies.

So… there you have it. The longest day I have ever spent at a movie theater. (And that even includes waiting in line for LOTR…)



  1. I am so glad you got to do that. There was just no way that I was going to be able to do it (I was already passing out at 9:00 am from working all night).

    If nothing else you have a great story to tell (and perhaps of fear of popcorn?!?)

  2. i saw adverts for that whole ordeal and thought it was a pretty good plan… especially the free popcorn. i’d probably eat myself silly on that popcorn, too. it’s so bad for you– but it tastes OH SO GOOD.

    so what’d you think of little miss sunshine? : ) that’s one crazy movie…

    hey, when can you come out to play? i miss my friend…

  3. Yeah, I’m glad we got to do it, too. But I do now have a fear of popcorn. Oy… I have been throwing up all morning. Not fun! I’m losing the memory of how great popcorn tastes and sitting smack dab in the middle of the reality of how bad it is.

    (This may be TMI, but there were like pools of grease in the first mouthful to hit the toilet… & I didn’t add butter!)

    Little Miss Sunshine… quite the movie. It was pretty crazy, but I definitely enjoyed it. I think it’s my number 3. (Though nearly everyone died in my top 2… only one person in this one. Weird.)

    I should be able to come out to play soon. Very soon…

  4. That is some TMI, gross TMI.

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