5 Things I love about wordpress

February 28, 2007

1. It keeps track of my friends’ posts and my own comments for me. A little load removed from my struggling night watch memory.

2. I don’t have to choose my identity every time I post a comment on a wordpress blog. Blogger, that’s just plain creepy! Choose my identity? Why should there be so many of me to choose between? It reeks of deception and identity confusion. Icky. On wordpress, it knows who I am… and it fills in the blanks for me. If I’m not me and I realize that when I’m about to comment, it gives me the option of logging out and commenting as whoever I really am.

3. Beautiful organization. I just like the way all of the layout stuff works.

4. Blog stats. I love statistics! (Come on, I was a math major. Of course I love them. In fact, I nearly switched my emphasis from pure math to stats. Of course, that was more about trying to avoid what ended up being my best class.) And the little charts and graphs and stuff… fun!

5. I’m used to it. Lets be honest. One of the biggest reasons I love wordpress so much is because it is the blog thing that I am most familiar with. (Do you like that word choice there–“blog thing”? I didn’t know what else to call it. What is it?) That’s why the whole old dog/new trick thing comes about… we get comfortable in the things we are familiar with. And we happen to like comfort. So the scary new tricks are generally avoided.

(And a bonus “thing I love” that nearly made the list: It isn’t MySpace.)

Is there something you love about wordpress that didn’t make it into my 5? (If you insist on not liking wordpress, I suppose you might as well also tell us why, too…)



  1. #2 made me laugh… 😀

    The stats are one of my favorite parts, too.

    I have one to add: The themes look way, way nicer than blogger (IMHO).

  2. Yes… the themes do look way nicer. Though blogger does seem to give a bit more flexibility when it comes to fiddling with the themes (changing colors and such). But I agree: I like these themes a lot more.

    (And… letting people choose their own colors can be dangerous. That’s how you get bright green letters on bright pink backgrounds and other hideous and unreadable combinations.)

  3. Hey Christine,
    I just wanted you to know that I’ve responded to your comments on my blog… I know that blogger doesn’t notify you when that happens. 🙂

    Bless you!

  4. yes. i, too, am a wordpress fan. i did my homework on blog programs before choosing wordpress and i came up with basically the same things you did. i also thought the interface was way simpler and easier to use and there are ridiculously more choices for designing your own page (easy-to-create sub-pages, changable sidebar widgets, css options for the technologically advanced, xhtml for the less-but-still-mostly technologically advanced, etc.).

    plus, i like it. for no other reason that this: i just do.

    i think we should endorse it publicly. : )

    so it just started hailing and there are funnel clouds above my house. this is kind of cool. and a little scary. i should go.

    love. : )

  5. I’m considering making the switch to wordpress now… especially since you guys seem to be singing it’s praises. I will have to ponder it, but first I must finish stuff for work before making any big changes on my stuff. 🙂

  6. Emily, You should totally do it. WordPress is amazing. Simply amazing. 🙂 I think/hope you will agree.

  7. I would avoid the term “blog thing”.It seems way too formal for me… I would lean toward the more casual “blog thingy”…

    PS– I love reading your thoughts…

  8. Ah, yes. “Blog thingy”. I think that was exactly the term I was looking for! 🙂

    (And thank you.)

  9. I tried to move my blog from blogger to wordpress, but it wouldn’t move. 😦 I’ll try again when I have a night off… OK, off to work now.

  10. It let me move it over. YAY!!! This thingy is really different from blogger…

  11. Yay! Welcome to the wonderful world of wordpress

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