It snowed!

March 2, 2007

Two days after the 70 degree weather, it snowed today. Not the kind of snow that sticks and turns everything white. Just a touch of beautiful white stuff drifting down from the sky.

It didn’t last very long. Had I not been with someone, I might have convinced myself that it never happened. (I’m trying to do that with my nowhere-to-be-found, huge spider roommate right now… convince myself that I just imagined the whole encounter in which we met.)

But it did happen. There was actually snow. Lauren and I were walking through the Terrace Lakes neighborhood, and suddenly, there it was. It didn’t even make sense. The sky above us was almost completely clear… blue sky all over the place. In fact, there weren’t really any clouds directly above us.

Whether I can explain it or not (and whether there were many other witnesses or not), I know that it snowed. And I love it. Keep it coming!!!


One comment

  1. Sarah-Beth and Alison and I got out in that snow today as well. It took us a little while to determine whether or not it was actually snow… “It can’t be, can it? Maybe it’s something blowing off the trees… No! It’s snow! But it’s sunny…”

    Yep yep.

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