Random… just random.

March 4, 2007

Irises are incredible flowers. Hello, amazing! Have you ever watched one unfold?

I’m really really really really really really cold right now. (Heat rises. I live in the basement.)

It’s amazing how wilty tulips can suddenly perk back up when you actually remember to give them some water.

When you are wading through a considerable amount of pain related to drastically huge life changes and irreversable loss… doesn’t it seem reasonable to think that you might get to take a short break from other areas of pain in your life? Like the pain of other types of loss and longing for… umm… no, I will keep some things to myself.

I am once again contemplating returning to what many have called a completely ridiculous schedule. I kind of don’t want to do it. Normal night watch is MUCH easier. But I really love the morning section. I mean… I REALLY love it.

It’s really fun to watch my friends grow.

I’m going to have to stop tagging people in my mind as absolute night watch… or using them to define who the night watch is. They all keep switching to days. Even Stuart (Mr. Night Watch, himself… also known as my birthday buddy) did it once. Hmm… maybe that means there is hope that the others will someday return.


One comment

  1. “contemplating…a completely ridiculous schedule”?

    i think you just say that to get a rise out of me. yep.

    you better not!

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