Loving the Mountains

March 14, 2007

Right now, I am sitting in beautiful Colorado. Sarah Stroer and I are just north of Denver with a beautiful view of the Front Range from her mom’s deck. Tomorrow, we are headed to Steamboat… where we will be surrounded by the mountains.

This trip was very last minute… and an incredible blessing. Sarah’s dad offered to fly us out to Colorado to spent a few days with him in Steamboat and a few days with Sarah’s mom in Longmont.

I don’t even know how to begin to express how grateful I am for this trip. It is so timely and so perfect. Especially as I am walking through the recent loss of my mother.

The mountains do something to me. It is healing. They are so beautiful and so massive… so beyond me. They remind me of who God is in a way that simple words or concepts cannot. I encounter the beauty of God in the beauty of the mountains. I confront God’s magnitude in the grandure of His creation. Those things that lofty words cannot capture. The truth that we can only begin to touch with the simple words of “God is really big”.

And yet… in the midst of being other than and beyond, He is the same God who draws near. The same God who sees and hears and answers. This paradox overwhelms me in the mountains. I encounter how big He is and how near He is.

So, here I am. And my heart is moving.

My last night in the prayer room was really rough. The pain of what just happened never really leaves me. It never stops hurting. But I still have joy in the midst of it… and God is faithful as my comforter. The pain doesn’t disappear, but the pain doesn’t utterly comsume me or completely overwhelm me.

Yet there are those moments when it just hits me like a flood. A flood that I didn’t see coming and a flood that I cannot explain. Monday night was one of those moments… or a 3-hour chain of those moments. I don’t know if I have ever used that many kleenexes in one night before.

Anyway… I am in the mountains now. And it is a really good thing. I am excited to really get in there tomorrow… in the middle of the mountains. I love looking at them from a distance, but it isn’t really the same.

So… if I don’t write much in the next few days, you know why.



  1. Have a fun and refreshing trip, Christine. 🙂

    Maybe we can ask Renee about getting a mountain put in the backyard (right after we get the chocolate fountain)…

    And by the way, your laundry and that milk are both taken care of. Not in the same way.

  2. It sounds beautiful up there. Enjoy your trip.

  3. So… Sarah has been feeling pretty sick and we are still in Longmont. I hope she gets better soon! She has been sick much longer than I was.

    Either way, it looks like we might not actually make it out to Steamboat. No mountains surrounding me. However, it has been cooling down around here, and there is still a beautiful view from the deck. Today’s sunset was amazing.

    Pray for Sarah’s healing!

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