Drinking Problem?

March 15, 2007

It’s quite possible that Sarah and I both have a drinking problem. In fact, we readily admit it. But before you get too worried, neither of us consumes alcoholic beverages. In fact, we’ve signed staff commitments saying that we will not.

So what does our drinking problem entail? I’m not exactly sure how to explain, so I will let the images do the explaining for me…

What you were just looking at were the drinks for two people. Yes, those drinks were mine and Sarah’s… we weren’t sharing with anyone. The first picture was taken in Billing, MT during our road trip last summer. I happened to glance up at the sunroof when I realized what a great picture it could be. So, we lined up the six drinks we had just taken for the two of us and there it was.

The second picture was taken this month at the Higher Grounds coffee shop. When Clay approached us in the coffee shop, all he could do was laugh at us. He didn’t say hi, he didn’t ask questions, he just laughed. So… I decided that maybe I should take a picture. Yes, those eight drinks were just mine and Sarah’s. (She even had a Gatorade in her purse, not included in this picture!)

I suppose it’s not the worst problem to have. We stay fairly hydrated. We do have a little trouble opening doors when we are carrying all of our drinks. And we each end up in the restroom a lot. But it really isn’t a horrendously bad issue. I certainly have bigger problems in my life.

So, next time you are sitting around the house or leaving a coffee shop with a drink in each hand… think of Sarah and I and know that you are not alone.



  1. THAT is really something. do they have a non-alcoholics anonymous for people like you? 🙂

  2. If they do, I haven’t found them yet. Maybe I should get something going, eh?

  3. Now THAT looks like a real trip to a coffee shop…. I admit that I’m guilty of things like that too, I tend to keep my drink selection to the 2 to 3 drinks per trip range, but only because the pocket book won’t allow for more. Now at work you can walk up to my desk at any time and find 2 to 4 drinks on it – all of them half drank usually. Does that count as a drinking problem?

  4. Hmmm…as Sarah’s roomie, that answeres a few questions I have had!

  5. Emily – yeah, I’d say you have a drinking problem. Welcome to the club.

    Cara – Yeah… I imagine it would. Though I’m sure there are still plenty of unanswered mysteries out there for you, when it comes to living with Sarah. 🙂

  6. YAY!!!! Another crazy group that I belong to. Tonight I did good – kept it down to 2 drinks. 🙂

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