One of those moments

March 22, 2007

So, I’m sitting here crying… missing my mom and loving God. (Actually… I tend to be engaged in these three activities almost constantly. Though I don’t exactly cry all day… just a lot.)

About an hour ago, I had another one of those intensely painful moments. The ones where it’s hard to continue doing whatever I happen to be working on at the time.

I was cooking… and it was one of those moments when I would have called my mom. I had a question about potatoes. And my mom would have been awake at 2am… and excited to talk to me. So I would have called, asked my question, and then stayed on the phone and chatted with her for 20 minutes to an hour while I cooked and ate. I really miss those phone calls. My mom was an amazing friend. I so enjoyed talking to her.

I just read back through all of the comments that people left on the two posts I wrote in the first couple of days after my mom passed away. I am so grateful for all of you. For real. And I am so grateful for this IHOP community. I truly am blessed.

Well… I am not entirely certain why I wrote this post. But I guess I’m done. Especially since I have to leave in about 5-10 minutes for briefing.  🙂


One comment

  1. i like you. i am blessed to call you friend. yes.

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