My Short Blogroll

March 24, 2007

As committed as I am to the word blog, I am not so excited about blogroll. That one could use some help. But… I will let it be, for now. It’s not so horrendously bad that it demands immediate action. I just wanted to leave a few words noting the fact that I am not a huge fan of the word I am about to use 10 more times. (Yes… I counted. I do that stuff.)

Some people have extremely long blogrolls. I am not one of them. And I felt that some degree of explanation concerning this fact may be appropriate. So, this is why my blogroll is so short…

People are only on my blogroll if all of these things are true of them:

  • I actually know them personally and have had a fair degree of interaction with them.
  • I read their blogs regularly
  • I think their blogs are worth reading (Yes… this does kind of imply that I may regularly read blogs that I don’t think are worth reading.)
  • I feel an exceptional affection for them

Thus, if I have never met you, you didn’t make my blogroll. If I enjoy reading your blog from time to time but don’t make a usual habit of keeping up with it at the present time, you probably haven’t made the blogroll yet. If you aren’t a blogger… well… umm…

Because a person is not on my blogroll yet does not mean that they will never be on my blogroll. As I get to know people better and as I find myself getting more and more attached to individuals’ blogs, my blogroll will surely grow. There are a couple of people who are kind of pending blogroll status. I’m just being selective with it.

Basically, I want the fact that someone is on my blogroll to be truly meaningful… and for there to be no question concerning the significance of their name appearing in that little list. It may be elitist. This is one accusation people may throw at me that I cannot, with confidence, deny. This isn’t something that I have ever felt at all convicted about as an issue in my life, though, so I’m not going to worry about that right now.

To the five friends who made the list (obviously excluding my mother, who has passed away, and the onething blog, for which I am an author)… way to be! and way to blog!

I intend to dedicate a post to each of these people. I just want to take some time to honor them and let you guys in on why each of them made the list and why I think they are so fantastic. I can’t guarantee any sort of timeline on how quickly I will get these out there, but they will come.



  1. aw, you like me? you really like me?

    : ) i’m touched!

  2. I totally understand…my blogroll (yes, it is a weird word) is only at 3 right now! Who needs a fifty person long list…and who has time to read that many blogs!

  3. Christine, I love your honesty. And it is elitism in a sense. But it is much more than that. You are protecting your readers from people you do not have the utmost respect and confidence in. (I know there is a better way to put that, but nothing comes to mind at the moment.)

    Love you sis.

  4. Kacie – I do. I really do.

    Cara – Yay for short blogrolls!

    Ron – Yes. Exactly. 🙂 (Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment.)

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