Not Alone

March 26, 2007

Before losing my mom, I had two good friends who also lost their mothers unexpectedly. In some ways, it has been helpful. I got a small taste of such great loss before I found myself right in the middle of it.

The first, Heather (in Texas), lost her mom November 12, 2005.

The second, Stacey (in KC), lost her mom December 12, 2006.

And then I lost my mom on February 12, 2007.

All three mothers were living in Texas when they passed away, actually. 

Kind of weird, isn’t it?



  1. a wee bit, yes.

    and considering i was born on a 12, it’s sort of disconcerting. but that’s cool. i have a good birthday 🙂 middle of the year… nowhere near christmas… oh, i’m sorry! is your birthday near christmas? my bad! 😛

  2. 😛 Yep… not changing my birthday to join you. No matter what you say. Plus… last I checked… we kind of weren’t allowed to do that. Imagine all of the identity issues.

    Bibilically, the friends of God curse the day they were born like crazy. But I can’t find a single biblical example of someone changing the day they were born.

    So, I’ll take another couple of decades of the December Dis, please.

  3. so… how about a half-birthday?

  4. we could party it up at that posh mcdonald’s on holmes and minor… 🙂

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