It’s All Changing

March 29, 2007

My life is undeniably in a place of change right now. First, my mom’s unexpected death in February changed everything. And then there were all sorts of transitions related to the people in my life… people leaving the team, joining the team, two of my good friends actually venturing into the realm of dating each other. And, I was in the middle of moving into a new apartment when all of this other stuff happened.

And then came the changes that I actually chose…

I jumped onto Ron Downing’s Saturday and Sunday 6am sets doing screens. Why? I love those sets and I was looking for an excuse to stay up. Why not do screens? It’s kind of weird, though, having this whole other team of people who kind of know who I am now.

And then I emailed Anne House about changing my service hours and not working for her anymore. I have been working for Anne since I moved to Kansas City. That’s a huge change for me! Anne agree, though, and said that it was probably time for a change. Perhaps we could again work together in the near future.

At first, I had planned on using screens as my service hours. I usually count those sets as prayer room time, as they really help me engage in the set (and reserve my favorite seat in the prayer room–the sound booth). But if I turned them into service hours, everything but my 6 weekly hours of team building would then be in the prayer room.

At first, the plan seemed glorious. 42 weekly hours in the prayer room. Beautiful! That is, until I started to try to work out my sacred trust. There are some sets that I love… but to put 21 of them on my sacred trust… that’s A LOT of commitment to be sitting in that room.

On Monday, a friend randomly asked if my service hours were filled. I informed her that I was kind of in transition with all of that. She mentioned that my name had come up as someone who might be great at the bookstore. And I said that I would probably think about it some.

Well, the next day (Tuesday)  is when I heard from Anne. So I told the friend (Alicia) that I was interested and she sent off an email. And I started to get REALLY excited about the possibilities. The following day (Wednesday), I awoke to find out that I had essentially been hired. No application. No interview. Just a “We love you, you’re in.”

So… it looks like I will now be working for IHOP’s Forerunner Bookstore. I have a pseudo-interview Monday with one of my favorite people in the world, David Scoggan. We’ll talk about availability and all of that good stuff.

I am absurdly excited about this. I am not even entirely certain why I want to work for the bookstore. I think it’s just the kind of job I love. I love books. And, when someone asked if I would be in town the week of inventory, my response was something along the lines of a nearly chirped, “Oooh! Inventory!” (Yeah, she laughed at me a lot.)

So, that’s my latest update. Change is happening. All sorts of change.



  1. wait who’s dating who… wait am i actually soliciting gossip? um yes tell me…um wait no don’t I want to be blameless, but i really want to know…no don’t worry about it… is this what Paul meant by my flesh wars against my spirit?? hmmm…

  2. yay change! grace to you in the midst of it… yes. grace. good stuff, that grace business. yes.

  3. Oh sure, I’ll tell you. No, wait, haven’t I decided I want to be violently opposed to gossip. Well, they wouldn’t mind. No, I’m not going to do it.

    Yeah… it’s intense, isn’t it? Warring.

    OK, so I am not not going to name them, but… to those two friends. If you read this and care to mention yourselves here, feel free to do so. 🙂

  4. We (the bookstore) have a way of embracing/forcing people into our fold. It will be a blessing to have you on the team. I giggled with delight when I heard the news.

  5. Forced or embraced. Whatever you want to call it, I accept it!

    “giggled with delight”… wow… I don’t even know what to say.

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