Prayer Request!!!

April 4, 2007

I’m going home tonight (i.e., Thursday morning). This is my first trip home since my mother’s death. And it’s kind of scary.

I planned the trip before my mom passed away. Planning it during Easter was kind of accidental. My mom was the first to realize that I would be home for the holiday. At first I was disappointed to be missing Easter in KC. Easter last year was amazing. (An excellent dinner at Richard’s place that weekend and then dinner with my incredible roommates on Sunday. Then we concluded the weekend with some 6am discount-candy shopping with the girls. So much fun.)

Anyway, as I realized how excited my mom was about me being home for easter, I quickly became ok with it… and was beginning to get rather excited myself. It was fun to observe her excitement. And we hadn’t had a ham holiday together for a while. (We typically do ham for Easter and New Year’s. Turkey for Christmas and Thanksgiving.)

So, now I will be home for easter and my mom won’t be there. On the bright side, it means that my dad and I get to spend Easter together.

The trip is intended as a support-raising trip. I am presently about $425 short every month to keep a fairly minimal budget. (I got hit pretty hard by taxes this year, as nothing coming through my church had taxes withheld. So I shifted this over, which meant a loss in some money on a month-to-month basis. Plus, I have been barely scraping by for months.) So the support-raising is very necessary, and I am really hoping it will go well.

I’m feeling fairly irresponsible because things aren’t very neatly planned, as far as the trip goes. I have all sorts of phone calls that I have failed to make. Important phone calls. And I just gave up on trying to connect with all of the people that my mom was going to help hook me up with. So… at first glance, it would seem that the trip is going to be disasterous. No planning.

Then again, the Lord is faithful. And He is quite aware of my circumstances. Who knows, this might be my best support-raising trip ever. God is funny like that sometimes.

Off and on throughout the weekend, I have kind of been freaking out a little bit on the inside. Just facing the reality that my mom won’t be there. And anxious about how much I DON’T have it together. Saturday was an intersting day. I plan on writing about that later. Right now, however, I need to go print my boarding pass and pack my laptop up.

When I get up today, it is going to be a long day. In order to get anything even CLOSE to 7 hours of sleep, I will be sleeping until 5pm. Then errands with Alica from 6-8. Fast meeting from 8-10. Goodbye get-together for Richard with my old prayer room team (he is no longer leading the team) from 10-12 at my place. And then I have one free hour to clean and do some last-minute packing before I make and eat dinner with Amanda and then proceed to go to my briefing and set and everything. I will be leaving for the airport immediately after our set it over. Wow. God give me grace to make it through the day!!!

Please pray for me while I am on this trip. I need the Lord’s presence. And I need heaps and heaps of grace. Thank you! 

Now, off to finish packing and everything so that I can get to bed…


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  1. Hey girly…Grace and strength to you friend! You will be in my prayers. May He encounter your heart every minute of each day! And may He pour out aboundant blessings upon you in the area of support raising.

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