Taxes… bleh…

April 13, 2007

So, I just finished filling out and printing all of my tax forms. This was my first year to file my own taxes. What a joyous experience. (Yes… sarcasm.)

I took care of the federal stuff before I left KC for my support-raising trip (the reason I have not blogged in over a week). I just needed to print everything. Thank God for Richard’s help on that one. I can only imagine what a disaster that might have been without his help. I shudder at the thought of it as I try to fathom the federal tax mess through the lens of tonight’s tax experience.

Tonight, I tackled my state taxes.

There’s nothing like taxes to make you feel like a complete idiot. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at the Missouri tax forms with great bewilderment. So many forms… so many spaces… so many weird tax words.

I did the little online questionnaire to tell me which forms I needed to fill out. Big mistake. It gave me 4 or 5. No less than an hour passed before I realized that I only needed to fill out the basic form. I think that was a major source of my confusion. I didn’t even need to touch any of that other junk. (Thanks a lot, brilliant form-finder quiz.)

In the end, I realized that filing my Missouri taxes was amazingly simple. I surely could have done it in 5-10 minutes… had I know what I was doing when I started. It definitely took me longer than that.

The incredible length of this venture has left me with a great sense of satisfaction in having completed the task. But whatever joy that may have brought has been completely obliterated by the overwhelming feeling of stupidity.

Oh well. I guess I can’t expect ease and perfection on my first attempt. Right?

I really hope that I remember all of this when I sit down to do it again next year.



  1. this year, i enjoyed the sheer amazingness of online free filing. it took me about fifteen minutes to file federal and about five more for both states (i had kansas and missouri pay stubs, and thusly, dual tax responsibility).

    next year, i intend to convert you. you may resist, but truth be known: resistance is futile.

    p.s. get your butt back here. everybody left town at the same time and i have zero nightwatch hangout buddies. 😦 sad is me. and somewhat increasingly bored…

  2. oh, and i ate random mcdonald’s last night.

    i blame you.

    mostly because it’s funny. though probably only to me. but so long as i’m laughing, at least the joke isn’t hopelessly lost.


  3. I randomly ate mcdonald’s my first day in KC. I would like to blame it on you, but I was going for all sorts of crazy bad-for-you comfort foods at the time. So I guess I blame it on the trip itself. (By the way, wasn’t that last trip to McD’s TOTALLY your idea?)

    As far as the online filing stuff, it would probably be fine… but ALL of my income is through the whole self-employment thing. I have a feeling that I would very easily file my taxes wrong if I did it online. (…For the same reasons that IHOPers can’t use the 1040-Easy form.) And, now that I know what I’m doing, I can’t imagine that it would take me too long next year.

    Oh… and I am coming back tomorrow… I mean, tonight… I mean… oh, whatever. I’ll be home soon.

  4. surely you’ve heard of TurboTax? $40 bucks can be a stretch, but it’s worth beating the aggravation and loneliness of taxes! CBB

  5. Indeed, I have. But now that I have done my taxes for the first time, doing them in the future shouldn’t be much of a hassel. It’s actually fairly simple now that I know what I need and where stuff goes. (The Missouri form even does all of the math for you.) I am convinced that I can do it all in roughly the same amount of time without using a tax program. And I refuse to pay money for something that I can do on my own with relative ease and for less than 40 cents.

  6. Plus… the aggrivations of this year (the hassel involved in discovering just how simple this task actually should be) would be totally wasted if I pay to do it another way in the future. I’ll feel stupid now so that next year I can feel brilliant.

  7. oh yes, it was my fault that morning… you’re true.

    dang it.

    i blame myself.

    insert sad conceding laughter.

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