Still Drinking

April 14, 2007

I thought I would add another picture to update you on the drinking problem that I mentioned a while back.

The cart pictured above contains my and Sarah’s purchases on the night of March 27th (28th). Only two small items in the entire cart were not drinks. I guess our drinking problem would lead you to suspect such shopping habits.

I was going to add another picture from the same night, but it was fairly blurry, so I decided to leave it out.

The picture that you are not looking at shows everything that I had with me in the prayer room that night. We are only allowed to bring water into the prayer room. So what did I have? Two bottles of water. 🙂

In my defense, I had the second bottle for a reason. My first bottle was sadly filled with fountain water. Yuck! (I am admittedly a bit of a water snob. However, that water is seriously disgusting.) Because it wasn’t a disposable bottle, I couldn’t just throw it away when I acquired a much more drinkable bottle of smart water. Hence, two bottles of water.

See… it all makes sense…. sort of.



  1. Yeehaw! Water snobs of the world unite! I’m a total fanatic about getting water that tastes right. When I was little we used to visit my great grandmother on the high desert of eastern Oregon. She lived on a ranch, so she had well water. In the desert. It had so many minerals in it, it was like sucking on a tin can. I usually ended up thirstier than I did before the drink. Yuck!

    These days, because you never know where you might end up when you need a drink, I always bottled water in the trunk of my car. Right now, there’s a whole case of it there. Next time I’m in KC, feel free to help yourself! We snobs need to stick together!

  2. That’s so amazing – and this post is so perfectly timed. I looked at my desk the other night and just had to laugh because it got me thinking of you. (I had four bottles of Sprite, one Naked Juice, and a bottle of water on my desk – all of them from one 12 hour shift and all of them empty. It made me think of the original drinking problem post.)

  3. Nice blog!

  4. @ Dorean – Mmm… sucking on a tin can. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? 🙂

    I used to keep water in the trunk of my car as well. Of course, I think that had a lot to do with not knowing where else to PUT the case of water. Hmm… I might need to get back to that habit, now that I have a working vehicle again.

    @ Emily – That’s so funny. Isn’t it amusing, the things that end up being the most memorable?

    @ Livette – Thanks!

  5. It is very strange the things that are memorable… I wonder why the mind remembers such random things.

  6. Um, me? I definitely would NOT like sucking on a tin can!

  7. I’ll take sucking on a tin can over the water we had at the summer camp I worked at. That water tasted like I was drinking dirt. Actully, the water in the fountains was this kind of strange brown color now that I think about it.

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