Amanda Beattie

April 21, 2007

(Amanda is on the far left)

When I promised to write about each of the people on my short blogroll, I was quite excited about the task — an opportunity to ramble on about how great some of my favorite people are. And then I sat down to actually do it…

How do I do justice to such a topic?

It’s kind of like the intimidation that hits me when I sit down to write about the beauty of God. It can be paralyzing. How can my words come close? Writing about Amanda is a similar. Obviously, Amanda isn’t exactly on quite the same level as God, but you get the idea.

Amanda is one of the sweetest, most innocent, and most genuine people I know. She is kind. She is funny. She is interesting. And she is REALLY intelligent. I mean… seriously, the girl is smart. And I can have lots of surprisingly lengthy conversations with her about things that most people simply do not care about. (Things like grammar, etc.)

Amanda is absolutely hilarious. I laugh a lot more when I am around that girl. And, more often than not, it’s because she meant to be funny. (Being a woman who is skilled with words, she almost seems to think in puns. Occasionally, something horribly cheesy will come out of her mouth. She’ll groan at the fact that she has just said it and then she’ll laugh at herself and move on. Between the filler of the cheesy puns, though, an abundance of exceptionally funny remarks come out of her mouth.)

Another unique characteristic about Amanda… she can laugh at me for doing something stupid without making me feel stupid. Nothing gets by this girl. If I ask a dumb question, she’ll give the obvious answer. If I say or do something that is… well… less than intelligent, she isn’t afraid to tell me as much. But, again, I don’t feel ashamed.

It seems that Amanda and I frequently have opportunity to laugh together about one or the other of us doing something remarkably dumb. Oh the joys of laughing through it.

Another thing I enjoy about being around Amanda is how similarly we think sometimes. During briefings, I’ll be sitting there in silence (sometimes too hesitant to speak) and she’ll voice exactly what was on my mind. I love it. The most remarkable illustration of our similar little brains, however, is a game we once played…

In the Turbo Cranium game, there is a card called the “Mind Meld.” You pick two people on your team who you think can give the same answers. You are given a word or phrase and then have to write down three words that come to mind. The goal is to match two of them with your partner.

When the card was described to us, we knew this was a task for Amanda and I. We were given Mardi Gras. Did we match at least two of our three words? Ha! We matched all three and wrote them in the same exact order! Not only that… we used the exact same capitalization!!!

New Orleans

People were amazed. Amanda and I were amazed. In conclusion… it was amazing.

When you interact with Amanda just a little bit, you are likely to be surprised by her age. She is exceptionally mature. She is also an amazing student, an incredible servant, and a diligent worker. She’s one of those rare people that I could trust to do just about anything for me (without freaking out about the end result).

I have only observed two guys who I consider to even possibly be worthy of Amanda Beattie. I would never tell those two guys or put the names in Amanda’s head. That would be far from helpful. But… seriously… there are only two.

There are so many other excellent qualities that I could enumerate… but this blog has already gotten fairly lengthy. To put it simply… I REALLY enjoy Amanda Beattie. She is truly amazing. (And her family seems to be pretty fantastic as well.) I am truly blessed to call her my friend and just flat out lucky to call her my roommate.

So… if you haven’t gotten to know Amanda Beattie… I highly recommend buying her coffee or something and sitting down to discover some of the beauty of who she is. This girl is totally worth your time.



  1. Only two?

    I bless you for not telling anyone else who they are, but you can tell me if you like – I won’t spread it around – honest 😉

  2. She may kill me for doing this, but you wanna hear a really cute baby Amanda story??? She was about 4 years old and saw something that amazed her, and she didn’t know what it was. (I don’t remember what it was anymore.) She said wondering what it was, so I told her. She turned to me, amazed that I knew about it, and said, “Wow, Mommy! How did you know that!”

    Just joking around, I said, “Because I know everything!”

    Amanda put her tiny hands on her hips, gave me a stern look and said, “No, Mommy. Only God knows everything!” Thinking back on it, maybe that was the beginning of her life as a preacher, you think?

  3. Oh, man, I mada a typo! I hate that! I should have said “She said SHE WAS wondering”… Maybe I need a nap…

  4. Aww!! I’m overwhelmed. I feel so loved. And I still think it’s cool that you ended it by telling people to buy me coffee. 😀 I know we talked about this post already, but it did thoroughly bless me.

  5. Brian – indeed, only two. This is Amanda, after all. I imagine, as a father, you would be just as (if not more) picky. I think that even you would approve of my two.

    Dorean – hehe. Baby stories! I love it. A lover of the truth from the beginning… standing firmly on the truth. Yep… that’s Amanda.

    Amanda – for real, it was my pleasure. It was an honor to tell some of the reasons that I so thoroughly enjoy you.

  6. […] And also just for Christine, a specially-crafted “filler” pun. (Let the reader understand. If the reader does not understand, check out the this post.) […]

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