Kacie Watson

April 24, 2007


I first knew that I was going to love Kacie when she left tip art on the table at IHOP. People used to mock me for doing that. But here she was… someone who was unashamed to leave a silly but fun surprise for the waitress to discover when she returned to collect her tip.

The next notable and distinct memory that I have of Kacie was when she and Victoria laughed and harassed me ceaselessly after someone walked me home in the rain. (I still hold that their conclusions were wrong. He was just being a gentleman. Then again… a couple of months later, said person and I were dating. Hmm…)

She also holds a special place in my heart as the girl who introduced me to Annie’s mac & cheese. What a gift! I can hardly handle Kraft anymore.

As it turns out, though, Kacie Watson has become far more significant to me than “the girl who left the cute little tip man,” “the girl who said ‘that was cute’ when I came home soaking wet,” and “the girl who revolutionized my consumption of cheesy pasta.”

I am undeservedly blessed with the rare treasure of knowing a fraction of this girl’s heart. She still has this amazing hiddenness. I don’t think the world had quite caught on yet to how unbelievably great she is. But she is… she really is. And God knows it. He knows, more than anyone, the beauty that He is producing in her. He sees her willingness to say yes and embrace pain as she comes into greater maturity. And He is so pleased and delighted at her choices.

Anyone who knows her just a little bit knows that Kacie is incredibly patient. I have watched her truly suffer long through situations that others would have given up on almost immediately. I am awed by her patience with others. I am incredibly grateful for her patience with me.

Even as I have become a relatively flakey friend in the last few weeks, she has still loved and embraced the scattered me that I have been able to make available in sadly short increments of time. I value her more than my inconsistent behaviour has demonstrated lately. And, because of her patience, there’s a good chance she’ll stick around long enough to potentially discover that reality.

When it comes to God’s perfecting and prodding and pruning and piercing (… sorry… I got stuck in the p’s), Kacie is so tender and open. She is obedient. Rather than shutting down her heart or stubbornly resisting, she is malleable in the Lord’s hands. I love it. I can only imagine how God feels about it!

You know how God sometimes provides you with those friends who are walking through similar struggles to remind you that you are not alone and to give you hope as you continually choose to press on? Kacie has been one of those amazing, timely friends in my life. Definitely a God-send. For real.

As we have both been growing and maturing, it amazes me the way that she has shared her heart. She has been open and vulnerable. And God has blessed me through her transparency. Because of her honesty, I have known that I am not alone in some of my own thoughts and reactions.

The thing that has been most remarkable, though, is that Kacie and I don’t commiserate in the midst of our pain. Though we could truly relate in a variety of sources of suffering and confusion in our lives, I cannot recall a single conversation that I have left with that “ugh” feeling that those kinds of situations often end in. Instead, I usually find myself strengthened and encouraged. She really is a good “running” partner.

I have also witnessed in Kacie a steadfastness, perseverance, and refusal to compromise when it has been most important. Her life and her choices inspire me!

Another way that Kacie has blessed me is through her art. Beyond the just-plain-cool-ness of it, it’s like her art holds this record of her journey of growth and overcoming through the grace of God. It’s beautiful. For real. When I look at it, I don’t just see “pretty stuff on paper”… I see who she is and what God has led her through. And… it has frequently ministered to me in my place of like trials and battles.

I could say more from the glimpses of Kacie’s beauty that God has blessed me with. But I don’t want to go and uncover all of her hiddenness now, do I? 🙂

Seriously, Kacie Watson is a blessing and a treasure. I thank God for her with a sincere and grateful heart.



  1. hehe. she also saw me walking to the prayer room in the rain last night and stopped to give me a ride. how sweet is that???

  2. wow. i feel all famous or something. this is cool…

    thanks for loving me! and liking me!


  3. p.s. that picture is like a year and a half old, if i remember it properly… i do miss the jacket though. it served me well.

  4. Oops. Never responded to these. 🙂

    Indeed. Kacie is quite kind (and sweet).

    And, Kacie… so long as you keep being you, I have every intention of continuing to love and like you. 🙂 Writing this was a lot of fun.

    (And the picture is roughly a year and a half old. More like 16 or 17 months, actually. Oh.. darn it. I just reallized I’ve still been writing 4’s on the date. Oops. Oh… wait. It’s only been like a day so far. That’s not too bad. OK Christine, think 5. 5. 5. 5. 5…)

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