Matt Hartke

April 29, 2007

Eh? What’s that you’re reading there, Matt? 

OK, so I confess that I may have made a bit of an exception to my blogroll qualification rules in adding Matt Hartke to the list. I don’t actually know the guy all that well. I do, however, know him well enough to recognize that he is pretty stinking fantastic. And those who do know him well assure me that he is quite wonderful. (Some of them may be a tad bit partial… like… his sister. But I am inclined to believe them.)

I admit that I borrowed a great deal from the affection that I feel towards Matt’s sister, Audra, in order to meet the blogroll criterion of “I feel an exceptional affection for them.” But, again… if I knew the guy better, I’m sure the affection would be there.

While I am on the topic, though… let me pause for a moment to talk about how great Audra is. Until recently, Audra was an associate worship leader on Clay Edwards’ team. Because she likes things like sunlight and following the leadership of the Lord, however, Audra has recently left the night watch. What a sad, sad loss that has been!

I miss Audra’s presence in our team briefings. I miss hanging out with her on our night off. I miss our occasional indulgences in some of our random bad habits (staying up late, eating bad food). And I especially miss hearing her songs every couple of nights. She has one song in particular that made me cry pretty much every time she sang it. For real, her lyrics bless my socks off. The Lord really meets me in her songs. Hmmm… maybe I just need to find an excuse to blog about Audra someday.

OK, back to Matt.

My first knowledge of Matt was “that guy who ate those mushrooms” back in 2004… or somewhere around there. I’m not going to include the story here, but I encourage you to ask Matt about it if you don’t know what I am talking about. I know that Matt is FAR more intelligent than this particular incident would seem to indicate. Thus, it amuses me greatly that the whole thing actually happened.

Matt is one of those shockingly young people. Everyone always seems to expect him to be at least a few years older than he is. He is just so old-looking. OK, not really. He’s simply a remarkably mature guy.

Matt is truly a student of the word. When he would make an appearance at Audra’s Thursday night hang-outs, he fairly frequently steered our conversations toward fantastic theological depth. I love where our conversations often turned when Matt was around. Matt talks about the big questions. He goes deep.

Matt’s blog is particularly thought-provoking. I read it regularly. At least as regularly as he writes. After my first hour or so of hopping around on his blog, I instantly added him to my blogroll. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even pause to think about it. I just loved the way his posts made me think. I loved the way they challenged different ideas and made me consider new things.

Matt is also a great communicator. He actually cares about effective communication. How could I not be completely thrilled with the guy after he let me indulge my inner editor when I addressed some fairly minor deficiencies in his communication of a particular idea? (Note: if you read the post and read my comment, you might be puzzled as to what I was calling unclear. To eliminate any potential confusion… please note that he edited the post to remedy to problem after I commented. Like I said, he cares about effective communication.)

So… there you have it… my “I’m relatively uninformed but thoroughly impressed” summation of Matt Hartke.



  1. Wow! It was the weirdest thing for me to click on the link from my blog to yours and then see a huge picture of myself gazing at a wedding magazine (which is FOR SURE photoshopped, BTW. Just so everyone knows). That blesses my socks off that you would take the time to write a post about ME! You’re awesome too Christine! And I hear that those Thursday night hang outs are startin’ back up again at Laurens place… Is this true?

  2. Photoshopped… whatever. I have no skill with photoshop. Plus, I have witnesses who were there when I took the picture. So… it’s all legit. February 8, 2007.

    Thursday is still not set in stone, but it is highly likely. In addition to that, there will be a slightly later Thursday night gathering at my and Amanda’s house. (10pm or midnight)

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