Songs, Sleep, and Something Else

May 2, 2007

Three totally unrelated, random things:

The list of songs (or portions of songs) that I cannot sing because I disagree with the theology is growing. Found another one tonight. I’ll still sing most of the song, but there’s just this one little bit that I’m like, “Umm… actually… no…” I was actually fairly amused with myself. …

I was happily singing along with what happens to be an otherwise fantastic song when we hit that part. I sang through it the first time and then was like, “Wait a minute! … I don’t believe that!” So I stopped and did not continue singing until we got off of that potentially less-than-true chorus.

I think I wasn’t alone. A friend of mine also happened to suddenly NOT be singing that particular chorus, and we seem to have exchanged glances on the matter. Of course this was from opposite sides of the prayer room. And, I’ve been a little spacy today. Maybe due to too much…

So, I’ve been feeling pretty tired and run-down lately. Might have something to do with not getting enough sleep lately… and how crazy busy I have been since starting at the bookstore. I’ve kind of felt like I was beginning to get a cold.

Therefore, I decided not to set an alarm last night. I had a ton of stuff to do, but it was all too overwhelming, and sleep was more important. I didn’t have anywhere to be until 8pm, and I was certain I would wake up before that… so… no alarm. “I will just wake up when my body decides it’s time to wake up.”

I was in bed around 8am. When did I actually wake up? 7:20pm. Yes… 7:20. I got more than 11 hours of sleep before waking up at all!!! How crazy is that? And… I mostly just woke up because my phone was vibrating right next to my head. Of course, I had missed two other calls earlier in the day that HAD NOT woken me. I just wonder how long I would have slept if the third call hadn’t come. Apparently I needed some SERIOUS sleep.

Something Else
I decided that this last topic was worthy of being shared with the readers of the onething blog. So… if you want to hear a story of “The Kindness of Clay Edwards“, click here.

OK… that’s all for tonight’s s-themed randomness.

Oh… no … wait. One more…

I don’t like them. Spiders are disgusting. And with the change of season, they are now in abundance. Ick! I seem to be on a spider-killing spree… there are just so many of them available to be eliminated from my living space. Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in the basement of a house completely surrounded by large plants and bushes.

OK, I’m really done now.



  1. One suggestion on the spider issue. Go buy some Bengal’s bug spray with the gold lid. That stuff will keep your room bug (and spider) free if you spray it around your floor boards and your window sills. I live in a neighborhood that borders a cow pasture and we swear by that stuff. It’s a little pricey, but well worth the extra expense.

  2. I can’t wait to hear the outcome of the Clay issue. I heard third hand about all this, and I like your plan. Plan on pictures, ok?

  3. RE: Songs–It is *not* okay that you refer provocatively to a list but then refuse to share it with us. C’mon, you know you want to. Heresy (and you know that I mean that in the good way that you might otherwise refer to with terms such as “integrity”) is your birthright. Own it.

  4. Emily – I really do need to look into that bug spray. I’ll have to put a reminder in my phone.

    Dorean – I’m sure you’ll be kept updated.

    Dad – I prefer not to expose the theological disputes with the songs. A couple of them are… well… I’d just rather keep it to myself. I might share with a person individually, but I am not about to publically announce these ones.

  5. Well, alright. 😦 I’ll just mope along then. 😉

  6. You should send me that list of songs… my curiosity is spiked… and good for you for so much sleep… isn’t 11 hrs. your normal weekly total… haha… anyway we have roaches instead of spiders, and at one time I actually said, “Do spiders eat roaches?” as I was thinking maybe of releasing a herd of spiders to kill the roaches… it all started b/c we had one spider who we found and killed… I said maybe we shouldn’t kill him… thus my thoughts went nuts… but then I was thinking we probably did that spider a favor because he was outnumbered like a million to one and even if he would eat roaches, the massive bug army would find him and do away with him… okay, so some random nonsence there for you… from one rambler to another.

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