Learned Something New

May 4, 2007

I feel like my education left my so incredibly deprived!

Actually, that’s not true. I feel incredibly blessed by the schools that I attended and the programs and such that were made available to me. I was quite fortunate. However…

Tonight, I discovered this whole new realm of things that many schools made children memorize… things that I never had to commit to memory. For example… the helping verbs list. My friend just taught it to me tonight. I was super excited. And there’s apparently this huge list of prepositions that a lot of children learned as well!

Anyway… I’m excited about my new list. I fear for Richard. I might randomly start writing these things on the edges of his papers/notes when I am editing them. Solely for the purpose of my enjoyment. Then again… I usually have way more work to do than time in which to do it when I am editing stuff for Richard, so that might not be such a likely event. (Back on the side of arguments for the likelihood that I would do this, though… I always seem to manage to include a significant number of completely random and insignificant notes when I return stuff to him. It’s a mystery.)

So, here it is…for my enjoyment (in getting to recite it) and your amusement (at observing my enjoyment of it):

Is am are was were be being been have has had do does did can could shall should will would may might must

I might have messed it up. I did just learn it tonight, after all. But… yeah… isn’t it pretty?



  1. woohoo! helping verbs!

    your new job is to learn how to say it in under ten seconds. fun for the masses…

  2. 🙂 Wow! 🙂 You’re so special and great… seriously! This is like the symmetry or blue thing… this goes in my christine mind scrapbook of weird but cute/funny stuff! Love ya!

  3. For some reason this reminded me of a song Brian grew up singing in church. It was to the tune of “Did You ever See a Lassie”, and it was to memorize the books of the Bible. The funny thing is, I can’t figure out how it helped, because the names of the books don’t even begin to fit the music. What a mess!

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