Shrinking Blogs

May 4, 2007

You know how they have that little “Growing Blogs” thing every day? (I only know about it because I made it on there twice. I think my highest ranking in those hundred growing blogs was 68th. Definitely nothing impressive.)

Well… I think  they should create one for Shrinking Blogs. I’m pretty sure I could make high rankings in that one from time to time. My sudden dives are far more abrupt than my sudden spikes in the statistics world.

For example…

On Thursday, I had 40% of the visits of the previous day. Yes… I had an incredible loss of three fifths in one day.

Blog stats are puzzling to me. They fluctuate so much. I have yet to really spot anything resembling a consistent pattern in this fluctuation. The causes elude me. Neglecting to write for several days definitely leads to a decrease in clicks. But that is essentially the only thing that has remained steady.

I suppose that my fluctuations would be much less noticeable if I had a stronger readership. When your daily view totals are small, 20-30 clicks can be a significant number. But when you have thousands of views every day, 20-30 clicks hardly make a bump in the chart.

Anyway… those are my thoughts on blog stats. I think a daily blog should be dedicated to those poor, sad people who are suddenly losing all of their readers. The Growing Blogs obviously already have readers. But the shrinking ones could use some help.



  1. Well…I read a lot of blogs (basically all the wordpress ones) on my Blog Surfer thingy. So I don’t actually visit someone’s site (and thus get counted as a stat) unless I comment. Like right now. Of course, that only accounts for a few views per week, but I thought I would mention it…

  2. Oh my! My blog shrank even more. It was tiny yesterday. Tiny!!! Only 21% of what it was the previous day. I could have made the top 10 of the “Shrinking Blogs” list if there was such a list.

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