May 14, 2007

“If a guy woke up one morning and his pants didn’t fit, he’d have a crisis.”

This is my favorite quote from the last two hours… by the amazing Sarah Stroer. 🙂

We were talking about how much our bodies can change within 48 hours. Less than that, really.

I won’t get into details to explain it. If you are a girl, you most likely completely understand. If you are a guy and you don’t get it… you probably don’t want to.

The reality is, though… we really and truly might wake up one morning to find that our pants suddenly don’t fit. It happens. It happens a lot.

It’s weird. It’s fairly frustrating. It’s a really good reason not to falsely center our identity in physical appearance. And… when you stop and think about it for a minute… it’s kind of amusing, too.

To all the guys who are reading this, I invite you to stop for a minute to rejoice in the fact that you simply cannot identify with this weird little fact of female life.



  1. I understand. I went shopping for jeans this weekend and came out of the store very frustrated. It is definately motivation to start working out again.

  2. We had a conversation about this at work this week. Of the 21 people on night shift this past month 7 were women.

    Talk about an interesting conversation.

    It made me think of this post, so I had to leave a note.

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