INTJ Ready for Marriage

May 15, 2007

Those are not my words. “intj ready for marriage” is a recent search that somehow brought an inquiring individual to my blog. I have to admit that I am quite puzzled. I’m not so much thrown off by the fact that these words led someone here. I am, after all, an INTJ. And I have a whole category on marriage an celibacy.

But… seriously… what would lead a person to enter those words into a search engine?

Was it an INTJ who was ready for marriage that made the search? Was it, say, an ENFP who was looking for an INTJ to marry? (According to David Kiersey… that’s the ideal match. Sure, David, sure. I personally think that extroverts can be overwhelming and scarey. Some of them.) Was it an INTJ trying to get google to tell him whether he was ready for marriage or not? Perhaps he asked Jeeves? Was it someone who was about to propose to an INTJ and wanted to feel out the odds of getting a favorable response?

I don’t get it.

(For the record, I am an INTJ… but I’m like a whole relationship away from being “ready for marriage”… as marriage tends to involve marrying another person. Minor detail.)



  1. I agree. Extroverts can be scary.

  2. Remember scary is–or at least it certainly can be–a good thing. Another of my favorite translations for ‘qodesh'(what we usually render “holy”) is “scary.” The saints are “scary ones” and He is “Scary, Scary, Scary.”

    No, I’m serious. Remember that Joseph Garlington message . . . .

  3. This is strange. I also stumbled upon your blog, but because I typed in “Missing the Sun” into google. Now, why did I do this? I have no idea. I never randomly google phrases that come into my head. But I did. And I found your page. Not as strange/fun as the “INTJ Ready for Marriage” phrase I suppose, but it was odd to me nonetheless…

    Like a breadcrumb really…I digress.

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