Timothy Gracen Edwards

May 15, 2007

Timothy Gracen Edwards was born at 3:30pm. He is healthy and weighs 6lbs 3oz.

Praise the Lord!!!

(Thanks to all who have been praying. She had a fairly smooth delivery. I heard she was in labor for something like 4 hours, maybe.)

IHOP-KC has its first night watch baby!!! Woo hoo!!!



  1. Since you already gave a Woo Hoo, I think I’ll give a rowdy Yee-haw!

  2. I’m throwing in a Yay! to the Woo Hoo and Yee-haw!

  3. Congratulations to Sarah and Clay!!! And a yippee-do!

  4. So… four hours was, in actuality, apparently something closer to 8. (I guess there were also rumors going around that she was in labor for like 20 minutes. Slight exageration, you think?)

    Clay led worship tonight. It was quite nice to have this tired daddy with us again. Hehe… Clay’s a dad, now!

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