Help? The Short Version

May 19, 2007

OK, the blog immediately before this goes into greater detail about what I am wanting to do and why I am wanting to do it. But I realize that not everyone has the time (or endurance) to read such a long post. And this is something that I really want to do. So here is the short version of an invitation to bless my socks off…

In short, there is an art exhibit, Monet in Normandy, that I really want to go see. While this once (24 hours ago) seemed impossible (because it was ending on the 20th), the exhibit has been extended another week. Which means that it is actually potentially feasible for me to go.

I have found a friend to drive with me, I have confidence that I can find my needed replacements, and taking two days off is TOTALLY worth it for this. However, I completely lack the money to make such a trip.

So… If you would like to do something extraordinarily kind and participate in God’s extravagant goodness toward me, I am accepting contributions!!!

I can hardly believe that I am issuing such an invitation, and I can hardly explain why it is so significant to me (though I do take a stab at it in this post, if you are curious). But it would bless me tremendously if any of you are interested in helping make a way for this to happen. The plan is to leave on Friday (the 25th) and return on Sunday (the 27th).

If you are interested in helping make this trip possible, just leave a comment or send me a quick email. Thanks!!!


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