Would You Like to Help Me?

May 19, 2007

OK, this request may seem a little bit absurd. But, I’ve decided that this is important enough to me that I am going to get over it and ask for help anyway.

First, a little background…

In the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (located in Kansas City), they have this incredible 6.5′ x 14′ Water Lilies painting by Monet. I don’t even know how to describe how beautiful it is. When I first saw it, I seriously got lost in the thing. (Just ask Richard.) I stared at it for quite a long time. When I saw it the second time (which happened to be with my mom), it was just as stunning.

Monet is one of my two favorite artists. (The other is M.C.Escher. I can’t really rank them relative to one-another, though, as their art is completely different. Monet was an impressionist. Escher was a mathematician.) Monet was also my mom’s favorite. Thus, he has moved up considerably in my affections since my mother’s death. 

Here is the even more remarkable thing about this Water Lilies painting… this painting is part of a triptych, a set of three paintings (all roughly this size) that were intended to sit side-by-side. I can’t even imagine standing in front of three of them!!!

In his later years, Monet spent a lot of time on these water lilies paintings (inspired by his water gardens in Giverny), clearly caught up in their beauty. He painted multiple water lilies triptychs.

I love beautiful things. (God does, too. He makes lots of them.) And these paintings by Monet are simply beautiful.

As soon as I read about the triptychs, I decided that, someday, I would find a museum that displayed a complete triptych. For me, the painting at the Nelson-Atkins museum was not only incredibly beautiful, but it held symbolic significance in two relationships that were quite important to me. One of these relationships: my mom.

Recently, I stumbled across a credit-card ad that pictured a couple standing in front of what HAD to be such a triptych. This kind of reawakened the dream. Which brings us to last night.

Last night, I was searching for complete Claude Monet Water Lilies triptychs within the US. One exists! Such a triptych can be found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But that trip is for another day.

While searching, I also stumbled upon this: Monet in Normandy, an exhibition on it’s final leg at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Included in this exhibit is the center panel of the same triptych from which the previously-mentioned painting at the Nelson-Atkins museum has come.

I was deeply saddened to discover that this exhibit (consisting of about fifty of Monet’s paintings) was ending on Sunday, May 20th… saddened, but still tempted to try to make the impossible work and just leave town on Saturday (today) to find it.

After telling a friend about how I actually listened to logic and DIDN’T try to do this, it began to sink in… how disappointed I was that I couldn’t find a way to go see it. Like I said, Monet now has significance for me that goes well beyond simple enjoyment of beauty. Among other things, it was a love shared with my mom.

So, for some bizarre reason, I found the museum website to get an address and find out how long of a drive it would have actually been if I had tried to go to Cleveland.

And then I made a discovery that was almost too good to be true!!!

They have extended the exhibit another week. So… I have until next Sunday to find a way to get to Cleveland for this rare opportunity to see a whole lot of a favorite artist’s work, all in one location.

I found a friend who is interested in making the trip with me, I am confident that I can find replacements to cover my IHOP responsibilities, and taking the two days off is totally worth it. But I lack one thing… the money to do it.

So that’s where the potentially absurd request for help comes in. This certainly does not fit in the category of crisis or desperate need, but it is something that would bless me tremendously. So, if you want to do something extraordinarily kind and participate in God’s extravagant goodness toward me, I am accepting contributions!!! (And believe me, every five dollars counts.)

Wow… I can hardly believe that I just wrote that.

In any case, as the issuing of the invitation to help has surely indicated, this is something I would really like to be able to do. So… no shame. If you are not interested, no harm. If you are interested… well… yay! Leave a comment or shoot me an email and I will get back with you as soon as I get it. The plan (if it all works out) is to leave on Friday night and come back on Sunday.

Thanks for your time!



  1. Christine,

    How much money do you think you will need to make the trip???

  2. Well, since gas prices are so high, I’m looking at $275 for gas. Then the exhibit tickets are $15 with $8 parking. And we need to stay in a hotel so that we… don’t die. So, it could be as much as $400.

  3. I’m in for $50, princess!!

  4. I would be glad to send you the other $350…..let me know where to send it and I can overnight it!!! I hope that you have a WONDERFUL time and are totally blessed by the trip!!!!

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