Phase 10

June 2, 2007

OK, this is a completely random and pointless post that will probably only make sense if you have ever played Phase 10. But… I wanted to write SOMETHING to let you all know that I am still alive.

(The pictures of my not-so-normal-anymore hair and the post about my amazing trip to Cleveland are coming soon. I just haven’t had time to upload the pictures or to write an actual decent post.)

OK, so I am playing Phase 10 with three of my favorite people… Stacey, Becca, and David. David is having a HORRIBLE game and I am having a remarkably good game. At one point, I am something like four phases and a few hundred points ahead of David. (Also a phase or two ahead of Becca and Stacey.)

So… a couple of things seem highly likely, if not certain. I am likely to win. And if I don’t win… well, David definitely isn’t going to be the winner. And then I start phase 8: 7 cards of one color.

Those of you who play probably know that 7 cards of one color is one of the most ridiculously easy phases that exist in the game. Chances are, you’ll get it on the first try.

Ha. First try. Well, it took me 4. That’s right… I failed THREE times at 7 cards of one color. In my defense, the cards were being mean… and I was sitting behind David. While his game might not have been going particularly well, the boy is sharp… and competitive… and mean. He paid attention and did everything he could to resist helping me.

Hmm… I just shifted tenses there. Awkward. Oh well, like I said, this isn’t supposed to resemble a good post. I don’t have time for that. So let the substandard writing abound!

Anyway, 4 hands on 7 cards of one color gives everyone else a really good opportunity to get caught up. In particular, David made an amazing comeback.

And so, awkwardly shifting back into the present tense… let’s position ourselves for a moment in the last hand of the game.

When we start the hand, Becca and Stacey are both on phase 9. Really close. And David and I? We are tied at 470 points on Phase 10. (Oh how I am missing that joyous time of being 4 phases ahead of him with only 80 points under my name.) I’m rather stunned at the amazing turn of events.

In the middle of this last hand, I  ask David if he could please not win. “Happy employees are good employees.” Seriously, I said that. And he said something about humble employees being good employees. Whatever. (Oh yeah, David is my boss these days. Weird.)

The hand goes on… David melds first. (Meld… what a weird word.) Hope seems to be fading. But there is a chance. If I manage to also meld before someone goes out… all I need is to have less points than him and I will win.

Fast-forward to the end of the hand. I meld and get down to one card. David has two. David draws a playable card and is down to one. It’s my turn. The entire game now depends upon the order of the cards in the deck. Everyone has melded. Whoever draws the first useful card will go out. I comment on this fact and draw. (Again, I am sitting to David’s left.)

The card is a 4… it’s playable. I win. By 5 points. Because the cards feel bad after being so mean to me for four rounds of the 8th phase.

What an odd game.

More odd than that… I just wrote an absurdly long blog about the whole thing. Huh…



  1. Good to hear from you and looking forward to a post on “Blue Hair and Monet.” I’m coming to town next week. I will definitely be frequenting the book store; so, I’ll most likely get to say hello. I’m looking for someone with blue hair, right?!? : )

  2. http://pressposts.com/Love/Phase-10/

    Submited post on PressPosts.com – “Phase 10”

  3. Grr… the worpress monster ate my comment. Anywho…

    I love Phase 10. Isn’t it weird how a game can turn like that? That exact thing happened to one of my friends one time and he made the remark that “The cards must have repented and turned from their evil ways” to let him win.

    I second Mrs. I, I’m looking forward to hearing about “Blue hair and Monet.”

  4. “Blue Hair and Monet”… Sounds like a great title for something. I’m not sure what, but I like it!

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