Monet Trip

June 10, 2007

I know this update is long overdue, but here it is: my trip to Cleveland was AMAZING!!! 

Making the Trip Possible 

I was stunned by the way that everything came together as the trip approached. I had less than a week to cover three shifts in the bookstore and find screens replacements for four sets. AND… I needed a lot of money. On top of that, I lost my glasses. I can’t drive in the middle of the night without my glasses. (That is, if I want to be able to <i>see</i> while I drive.)

My bookstore shifts and screens sets were covered… people gave me money… and my amazing roommate let me borrow her glasses for the weekend. (I think her perscription is more accurate for my eyes than my own.) I was so blessed by the many many people who made the whole trip possible.

In the area of finances, I forgot to budget for some things. And I hadn’t taken into account the money that I would lose by not working that weekend. HOWEVER… I was given more than what I had tried to raise. It worked out perfectly. I love how God can perfectly provide when my planning falls short. He’s good like that.

Highlights from the drive TO Cleveland

Lauren and I left Kansas City just after 7pm Friday night.

As tired as we both were, I really enjoyed the nearly 14 hours in the car with Lauren that day. We don’t see each other very often anymore, so it was nice to have SO MUCH time to catch up. Of course, toward the end of the night, she did a lot of sleeping. But when we were both conscious, talking was great.

Red cars with no lights:

It started raining pretty hard after the sun came up on Saturday morning. Cars without lights are really hard to see when it rains like that.

I notice patterns and statistics… that’s just who I am. So this was my observation: at least a third (almost half) of the cars that were driving without their lights on were red. It was really weird! So… people who buy red cars also tend to be people who don’t think to help others see them when the rain comes down.

Poor Lauren. She had to listen to me as I observed “Red!… Red… Red… Red… Black… Red!… Red…”

24 Hour Arby’s

Some time after 1am, we realized that we were both rather hungry. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options at that time of night. And we both refused to even consider McDonald’s.

At one point, I remarked, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a 24-hour Arby’s?” Her response was a simple acknowledgement of the sad fact that they don’t exist. But we agreed that it would be a wonderful thing. God laughed.

About 15 minutes later, there was a sign. 24-hour Arby’s. No way!!! So… we ate Arby’s on the way to Cleveland… at a place that we were convinced did not exist. (As it turns out, there are a bunch of them on the road to Cleveland.)

At the Museum

Monet was incredible. I even ended up getting completely caught up in some paintings that I had expected to breeze by when I first noticed them from across the room. I am beginning to understand more and more why my mother enjoyed Monet so much.

They had a lot of stuff from the 1870’s… before Monet branched out and became the father of impressionism. These paintings were good, but nothing too remarkable. Had he bowed to people’s criticism and stuck to more conventional methods, he would have been just another good painter. I, for one, am quite grateful for Monet’s work and his influence on other painters.

I was actually fairly impressed by some of the pieces that they had. I would name them, but that would require remembering more of the names than I actually do. So… we’ll just leave it at “they had great stuff.” I still had two whole rooms to go by the time Lauren was done and had come back through to locate me.

I especially enjoyed the piece that they had from the HUGE water lillies triptych. One of these days I’ll make a day trip to St. Louis to see the third panel. (The other of the three is at Kansas City’s Nelson Atkins museum.)

I really wish that my mom could have seen all of it. She would have loved the exhibit. I spent a lot of time thinking about her while we were gone. (I think I only cried once, though. 46 points to Lauren if she can figure out when.)

Highlights from the Drive Home 

While driving back, we saw a tree that looked like a rooster. As we got closer and our angle changed, it kind of lost its distinct resemblence. It DEFINITELY looked like a rooster, though.

We stopped to eat dinner on the way home and had an incredibly tall waiter. I’m surprised the guy doesn’t black out from the change in altitude every time he bends over and stands back up. Don’t get me wrong… I have a great affection for tall people. (For real.) Especially tall guys. This guy was just… REALLY tall. And I apparently thought that was notable.

In all, the trip was amazing. I loved it. I was pretty tired by the time we were home. (I only managed to sleep three hours on Saturday night.) But it was totally worth it.

So… to everyone who had a part in making this trip possible: THANK YOU. It was so good for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.



  1. That Monet room took an awful lot of pre-jury stress off during my time at the music conservatory across the street. Next time you go I suggest stopping for an enormous corned beef and wait it out in the HOP there for an hour! CBB

  2. That trip sounds so wonderful… I’m so glad you got to go.

  3. I’m glad you got to take your trip! love you!

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