June 11, 2007

I wonder if I will ever REALLY learn how to spell the word occasional. I just spelt it wrong… and corrected myself. So I know that I am spelling it correctly right now. But what happens after I sleep? Will I try double-c, double-s. Or will I flip them like I did earlier tonight (ocassionally)?

Sigh. I’ll just have to come up with some weird mnemonic that I will probably never forget.

Like the one I came up with yesterday to remember the order of three slips that I have to clip together at work. The first is yellow (Y), the second is labeled Z (Z), and the third is related to vouchers (V). So… I remember this by “You Zip Vertically”. A fact that is true of nearly every zipper found on an article of clothing. (Yup… I got that stroke of genius while washing my hair.)

I am confident that I will not forget that one.



  1. Wow! You’re really hitting my buttons today! I’m a good speller, but I never can get the word embarrass right the first time. I just looked it up on dictionary.com before posting this, just to make sure! It always seems like there should be only one “r” or one “s”… I like to avoid that word…

  2. Christine: I could make you a CD of me spelling the word occasional over, and over, and over, and over. And you can listen to it while you sleep and learn by osmosis. On second thought, that’s a little weird. But I bet it would work.

    I always have to stop and think about “possess.” I keep wanting to spell it “posess,” but I usually catch myself before I finish the word. Looking at them now, I think they both look funny.

  3. This makes me think of occasional tables, which must be, I suppose, also occasionally not tables. I further suppose that when made of coarse natural word they might be knot tables, notable for being no table or knot table, occasionally?

    Wait a minute, I skipped a track I think…

  4. I like every strand of this thread of comments and where they’re (I’m not sure the proper grammar, but I’ve decided that the subject of that verb is actually the unspoken “threads” and neither “strand” nor “comments”) taking my little mind. Thank you, Beatties. 😀

    And, speaking of family conditions, it just so happens that “occasional” is probably the word I misspell the most; so I guess that means it’s probably my fault. Sigh.

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