The Theme Continues

June 11, 2007

It is beginning to seem that the topic of INTJs and love could rival the topic of IHOP as a cult in the frequency with which they lead people to my blog.

I’m still getting a steady stream of people who are investigating the “cult or not”-ness of IHOP. But more and more searches about my personality type and their relationships keep popping up. And, there is still the occasional delightfully random search. Oh how I enjoy those.

I found yesterday’s search inquiries particularly amusing, so I figured I would just share them with you. (Notice, nothing about IHOP yesterday.)

Here is what people are looking for on the internet:

intj love
intj relationship
pasty white people
intj + love

Oh the things we search for.



  1. i think i love most that “pasty white people” returned any sort of hit to your page.

    that is Outstanding. with a capital “O”.

  2. Heehee… “Pasty white people”… It reminds me of years ago when I got called out in a meeting and prophesied over that I was an intercessor. It really depressed me. My idea of intercessors(coming out of conservative, mainline, mostly bored denominations) was little old ladies, hiding out in dark rooms in the back of the church ringing their hands in worry as they ask God to bless the missionaries toiling in the mission fields, having to deal with the “heathens”. That is SO not me! I want to be out with the people, loving on them, bringing healing and hope, not locked up somewhere in the dark! I used to say I didn’t want to be one of those “pale, pasty people”. Amanda agreed with me; that sounded pretty dull. Who knew she was called to be one of the pale pasty people, and I would wish I could be one, too! What I wouldn’t give to get to be one of the pale, pasty people now!

  3. Ahem… you can be an intercessor anywhere you like. Prayer room not necessary.

    Pasty whiteness also not necessary.

  4. Yeah, but without the pasty paleness, how would anyone know what you do???

  5. Hi Christine, Just to let you know, Brian just took the personality test, and he tested out as the same type as you. So I would have to say yes, an INTJ CAN find love. We’re at 24 years and counting…

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