The Baby Team

June 23, 2007

It’s official… our worship team is THE baby team.

Very soon, Sarah will be officially joining us. So we have BOTH of Timothy’s parents. Travis and Jessica are both on our team (baby coming VERY soon). Sommer, Clay’s beautiful mom-to-be sister, has just jumped onto the team. That’s three babies on our team. All of the babies I am aware of that are still on the night watch.

It makes sense, really. You would expect the families to stick together in this wonderfully weird little night watch world.

Now… for the rest of us unmarried singles on the team…



  1. Might I add…

    I have never felt so single in my life.

  2. haha… you single nerd!

    oh… wait…

    dang it. I’M a single nerd. poop. nevermind…

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