My books are here!

June 28, 2007

So, I was wandered up the stairs to grab something from the kitchen when I spotted a box by the front door. Could it be? It is really possible?

As I approached the box, I saw that it had my name on it. For real? Already?

Sure enough, the return address was Lamp Post Publishing and the contents were my books for the geometry class that I will be teaching this fall. Woo hoo!!!

(For the record… I am really impresesd with Lamp Post. I ordered late on Monday night and they arrived on Thursday. Allow up to a week for processing. Ha! I’d say it was hardly a day to process and begin shipping them.)

I’m really excited. In fact… I’m almost surprised by how excited I am. And, amazingly enough, I haven’t freaked out once about the decision since making it. Why is that so odd to me? Well, if you had interacted with me between the offer on Friday and the final decision on Monday, you would understand. I was a mess of anxiety, doubt, and uncertainty.

I think that this school year is going to be very good. Like I said, I am excited about it. Now that I have my books, I can sit down to plan my syllabus for the year. Yay!

It’ll be my first year teaching with my own class and all. So I am sure to make a couple of mistakes here and there. But this is a context that I think we be good for learning and growing with the students and their families.

Let the planning begin…



  1. woohoo! planning is fun!

  2. heehee, you said “we be”; I think you meant “will be” . . . 😉

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