Running in the Rain

June 29, 2007

So, I have yet to find something to love about running. In fact… I kind of despise the activity in general. That point that people talk about when you break through the other side of the wall and all of that? Yeah… never made it that far.

However, Amanda and I just partook of one of the most amazing running-related activities ever… one of the greatest things since the advent of people moving forward at a rapid pace in a way that involves both legs departing from the ground in overlapping spans of time.

Wow, could I have made the description more complicated than I did?

Anyway, we decided to go for a run in the rain. In all honesty, most of our run turned into walking. But I felt really good afterwards. (That is, after I got over the “I feel like I’m dying” stage, in which I prematurely proclaimed that I would never willfully run again.)

Those blasted hills. We might have run more if it weren’t for the surprisingly hilly streets of our neighborhood. It’s rough when the first leg of your run is all uphill. (And you aren’t one of those people who runs… ever.)

Once I start walking for the first time, I’m pretty much finished for the rest of the “run”. A little taste of the delight of simply walking ruins me. I start to run again and I go, “Oh… I miss that happy feeling I had when I was just walking and I could breathe properly and all of that good stuff.” And so I very quickly abandon my new attempts at being something other than just plain pitiful.

Our run was kind of funny. We were about to start running up our last uphill portion when I spotted a car behind us and said we should wait. (I think I was mostly just looking for excuses to keep walking a bit longer.) When the car drove slowly by us and the driver waved, we realized that it was Stuart Greaves, the director of the night watch. Of all the people to witness these two soaking wet night watch women who saw the rain and thought, “Oooh! Let’s run!”, it was Stuart.

After Stuart passed us, we began running again (for a little while). We had returned to the blissful walking thing by the time we passed the Scoggan house… a house full of guys on the night watch and owned by the person we also rent from. We couldn’t quite identify the guys that yelled over to us as we walked past them… but, by the simple fact that they were sitting in the garage of the Scoggan house, we know that they were people we are acquainted with.

So, for a run around this neighborhood, we didn’t do too bad. Just a couple of brief encounters with the IHOP family.

By the time we had returned to our house, we had decided that sitting down on the rain-soaked chairs on our back deck was the thing to do. And so we did. We sat in the rain (for a fairly long time) and watched the steam rise. Our roommate looked at us funny, but I would totally do it again. (I would even do the “roll through the puddles on the back deck to eliminate those random dry patches in my clothing” thing again. Or… umm…. wait. Who said that I did that?)

My final observations from the experience:

1. Way to go, God, on putting those handy little “press back over the opening of the ear to blog entry of rain” flaps on our ears. He totally knew what He was doing when He designed the human body.

2. Oversized clothing (like comfy PJ pants and a HUGE hoody) are like the most comfortable things ever. Great for warming up after sitting out in the rain until you were about to wet your pants. Well… about to wet your pants with something different from the already abundant rain water.

3. If I’m ever going to actually make a habit of running, I really need to learn to breathe.

4. No matter how long you sit outside in the rain, the puddles of water that have collected on the deck are still really cold when you roll through them. I mean… I’m guessing they are.



  1. Aww, you beat me to blogging about this! 🙂

    And no, I don’t know why anyone would think that you would roll in the puddles on the deck to eliminate random dry spots. What a silly thought.

  2. Oh man!! Sounds like you guys had so much fun!!! I love running in the rain, the only thing better is running in snow. 🙂

  3. Amanda – YEAH I did! Totally beat you to it. Maybe you should have stayed up way too late and gotten only 3 hours of sleep before an evening of 1000 teenagers. Then maybe you could have blogged it first. 🙂

    Cara – Awww… snow. I love snow. Can’t say I’ve ever really run in it. The potential of ice freaks me out a little bit. I really love walks in the snow, though. (Especially when they are followed by a good mug of wassail.)

  4. What in the world is wassail???

  5. Ooh. Walks in the snow followed by wassail. We’ve done that, too… I wonder what other adverse weather conditions we should stroll around the neighborhood in?

    Cara: Wassail is like apple cider, only better. It’s got cloves and cinnamon and orange juice added to it. And it really is best after a walk in the snow. 😀

  6. Mmmm! Why did we not have this in Minnesota growing up??

  7. Cara – If you ever get a chance, you should beg Kirk to make you some wassail (or beg him to make me some, at my house, and then come over and have a mug or two; yeah, I like that option). He makes amazing wassail.

    Amanda – When the golf-ball-sized hail starts falling, I’m out.

  8. I hope you two took a little time out of your run to dance in the puddles! That’s the best!

  9. Well, your lovely daughter DID jump in a puddle and splash me when I was least expecting it.

  10. Hehehe…. yeah. That was pretty cool.

    I learned from the best.

  11. I totally soaked my socks if that helps any.

  12. Hehe… yeah, it does. 🙂

  13. that’s awesome.

    i don’t run either. well, not very skillfully, at least. actually, no. i just plain don’t run. last time i ran was this past january when i worked at linens-n-things and i thought “well, i can’t hate this place anymroe than i already do, so i might as well run or something…” yeah, the logic was skewed, but the run was invigorating. and it will never happen again.

    however, running in the rain (or walking, rather) just seems like a great idea. i love hanging out in the rain. it’s just nice to remember that sometimes getting drenched is really worth your time.

    i’m proud of you and amanda for enjoying it. bless the Lord.

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