Umm… ok…

June 30, 2007

I am somewhat baffled as to how this search led someone to my blog:

wreslting decoraion for a birthday

I have to admit that I am somewhat hopeful that “for a birthday” is what brought them here and not “wreslting decoraion”. While I have been known to make such typos (especially while running screens in the prayer room), I would hate to think that I actually published such misspellings in a blog post. Oy…


One comment

  1. : )

    i only had one typo last night during your team’s set (as i filled in for you in quite a strange state of consciousness… it had been an exceeedingly long night).

    i spelled “come” “coem”. i hit the backslash before anyone saw it. felt really dumb for about ten seconds, remembered i’m not perfect, and went back to being mostly un-in-the-room mentally.

    but just so you know, the rest of the night went off without a hitch. somehow, in the Lord’s great mercy on the PR, i did everything else with massive excellence. i’m pretty sure it was the Holy Spirit running the screens… he’s multi-talented, you know.

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