I’m supposed to be unconscious right now

July 2, 2007

So… I’m awake right now. And there is absolutely no reason for me to be awake right now. I totally don’t get it. This seems to happen to me every time I sort of switch to days. If I do successfully go to sleep at night, I end up waking up a few hours later… wide awake.

Let me describe the last couple of days to you, and then perhaps you will be just as confused as I am right now.

Saturday: The last day of the onething youth conference.
Hundreds of screaming teenagers. Longer shifts. I worked about 8.5 hours that day. It was after midnight when David and I actually got off because he wanted to show me how to do some new things. I clocked out at 12:30 or so knowing that I had to get up at 8am the next morning.

Sunday: Inventory prep.
The torturous 8am wake-up for a truly night watch member of the night watch. I got about 4 hours of sleep that night. When I arrived at work and heard mention of the word coffee, it totally distracted me away from clocking in and it wasn’t until I had actually gotten caffiene in me that I remembered to return to the task.

They gave me the art and jewelry sections to sort and count. Inarguably two of the hardest sections in the store. (They actually did it to me on purpose, too.) Where most people were working in pairs with a supervising manager over them, I was by myself… as was the other girl who was being supervised by my manager.

As it turned out, my section was so involved and everything that they kept sending people who were finishing their sections over to help me. At one point, I had six different people that I was delegating tasks to.  For a while, this meant that I was mostly just resolving problems that they brought to me, answering questions, and checking up on all of them. I think I had someone different walking up to me or calling my name every minute or two.

It worked out nicely. I was able to get stuff done the way that I wanted it done so that I can count really well today… and it didn’t take FOREVER to do because I had so many people so willingly helping me. This also meant that Mandy (my supervising manager) could be off helping Erin with the EGS section, also a rather difficult section (which Mandy happens to be VERY familiar with).

So… way to go managers… with planning that chunk of inventory so amazingly and making the necessary adjustments as time went along. I love how flexible people were and how willing they were to assist and do whatever would help me most.

In the end, I worked a 12-hour shift yesterday. When we broke from the main Forerunner Bookstore and went over to do prep work at the FSM store, they split us all up and had several people doing prep work downstairs while 4 of us were upstairs doing the actual final inventory counts for the upstairs warehouse. (We aren’t doing any of the other actual inventory counts until today.) It took us a while. And, again, they ended up sending a few more people up to help us.

When I got home, I was hot and sweaty (upstairs in that not-so-amazingly-ventilated space) and REALLY tired. So I took a quick shower and headed to my team’s briefing for our 10pm set. I was yawning so much in briefing that Clay actually said something about it. When I told my team that I had been up since 8am on 4 hours of sleep and then worked a 12-hour shift… I got an all-around “oh my!”

I realized that my brain wasn’t really functional enough to run screens… at least without occasionally completely spacing out. So I got someone to cover for me and just went out and sat in the room. … Where I proceeded to fall asleep numerous times. Finally, after about an hour, I just gave up and left.

It was a little after 1am before I officially went to bed. I fell asleep several times at my laptop while waiting for my sheets to finish drying (I had washed them earlier in the day).  And then, just before 5am, I completely woke up. And here I am… wide awake. Still exhausted, but wide awake.

Why can’t I sleep?

Well… perhaps rambling on for a little while has helped and I will now be able to fall back asleep. It’s almost 6… and I still have to get up at 8am.

In all… I really enjoyed inventory. Yay, bookstore! I’m just curious to see how today’s counting will go. I hope we start the day with another coffee run. 🙂



  1. For the record, I just misspelt the word “occasionally” when I wrote that post.

  2. sleep is good.

    i’m gonna go get some…

  3. I understand that strange feeling of being stuck between shifts. In fact, I made the change over today – and can’t quite fall asleep yet.

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