July 8, 2007

I was in a friend’s wedding yesterday. I wore pink and everything. There can be no question that I really love this girl. I even danced… sort of. (The bridal party’s dance was to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back.)

Well, there comes that time in the wedding when they crowd all of the single women into the middle of the dance floor and throw flowers at them. Because I love Rachel (and she would have killed me if I didn’t go out there), I decided to at least sort of try. (Enough to look like I tried and didn’t just stand there and watch it fly right past my arm.)

Well… I caught the stupid thing. So… by the oh-so-accurate, highly scientific bouquet-toss method of determination, it would seem that I am next.

Ha… that’ll teach me to try…



  1. hehe…

  2. I can start looking up scone recipes for you if you like…

  3. That would be great. I can’t make any from scratch yet… only from a mix.

  4. As a fellow INTJ, it behooves my analytical mind to wonder about the critical nuptual prereq’s besides bouquet-catching. So, which extremely lucky fella is it gonna be? Oh, and what about your china pattern?

    [BTW: I can testify that it is possible to be totally helplessly stupidly in love]

  5. hate to tell you this, but I caught the bouquet at my bf’s wedding and married Kevin exactly 9 monthes later. we hadn’t even met yet when it happend. Your father is going to be thrilled.

  6. You’ll like cooking from scratch. It uses lots of math. In fact, I know a professional baker, and he doesn’t even call “recipes” recipes. He calls them “formulas”.

    As to the bouquet, I caught one at two different weddings withing three years, and I was in fact the first one of the single girls at either wedding to get married. Spooky, huh?

  7. Re: the father being thrilled: I’m not completely averse to the idea (because I think she understands now that she will always be my little girl and, well, I want her to be happy and if there’s a guy out there that meets her and my standards . . .) . . . but I’m a little nervous about fundage. At said wedding, a friend was telling me that he knows a guy who just spent $100K for his daughter’s and I hear that $30K is not uncommon. All you IHOPers, I’m counting on one of those legendary IHOP weddings–yaknow, lotsa free labor et al. 😉 Oh, and when I’m completely broke, the happily newly married couple will have a house and will let the old man sleep in the basement, right? And, yes, do be looking up those recipes . . .

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