My 100th Post

July 12, 2007

As I sit to write this blog post, I wonder how many perfectly good blog posts were wasted on recognition of the post’s number. Then again, the post came into existence because the blogger had something to write about. Is the event of a notable number the very thing that provoked the blogger to write when he or she may have neglected the blog a few days longer? And could such a post somehow end up being a true gem?

In my case… the 100th post actually prevented me from writing for a few days. I know… it’s kind of lame. But it was my 100th post… I had to be in the mood to write about my 100th post in order to write it… or the 100th post would never recieve it’s due recognition. If it is due any recognition at all.

I feel a little bit silly stopping to write about hitting post number 100. What’s so special about 100 anyway?

When it came to my grades, I kind of always preferred 99% over 100%. I know… it’s a little weird. I was a math major in college, so I am well aware of the fact that 100 > 99 (of course… a degree in math was certainly not necessary in recognizing that fact). I also know that, when it comes to grades, bigger is generally better.

99% always just hit me differently. 100% is almost meaningless. It always has been relatively empty and insignificant to me. If I could pass the test without a single hiccup… if there wasn’t even a tiny mistake to taint its perfection… then clearly the test was too easy. So what’s so great about a perfect score?

But… 99%. It meant that mistakes were possible. In fact… it meant that I had MADE a mistake somewhere along the way. Yet I had somehow managed to pull off a near-perfect score. Perhaps there is that part of me that recognizes that near-perfection is about as good as it gets when you aren’t God.

When it came to test scores and report cards, I think these were my five favorite scores:
1. 99%
2. 98%
3. 100%
4. 95%
5. 97%

I actually spent a fair amount of time thinking about that… the way the numbers affected me. I think these contemplations began when I was in 7th grade. Somewhere around there.

Another source of my love for 99 probably had something to do with standardized testing. The 99th percentile was the highest ranking you could receive on your standardized test reports.

Wow… who would have guessed that the post to honor number 100 would turn into a brief stroll through some of the things that make the number 99 so fantastic?


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