Drastic Changes Part 1

July 13, 2007

I thought it might be good to make this general announcement:

I am leaving the night watch.

Yes, it’s true. I am actually switching to days. The biggest reason is my decision to accept the teaching position with the Daniel Academy. While the modified night watch schedule that I came up with would probably be doable, I will be a much better teacher if I just switch to days.

It finally just came to the point where I realized that I couldn’t do everything. My team is kicking things up a notch and beginning to schedule a lot more things outside of our regular night watch sets and briefings. David was asking questions and greater responsibilities were popping up with the bookstore. And… I had made a commitment to teach Geometry for this next school year. Scheduling conflicts were popping up everywhere.

So, there it was. A giant fuchsia penguin holding a violin. (OK… the only reason I just wrote that last bit was because I had no recollection of typing “So, there it was.” AND I had no idea where I was intending to go with that. But there it was… with my cursor flashing at the end of it.)

Anyway, I had to make a decision. I prayed about it a lot. I thought about it a a lot. I talked to several friends about it. I talked to Clay about it. I talked to David about it. And I made up my mind.

I will be doing the morning section… 6am to 10am every day. I am hoping to jump in with my old prayer room team (that I was unofficially a part of back in the days when I stayed up until 10am or 2pm every day.)

Because of some commitments I have made and some inconvenient circumstances, I will not be switching until the 27th/28th of July. (I will just get up and go about my day regularly on Friday and then stay up until 10pm on Saturday.)

I will tell yall soon about the other big decision that I made today. So… be watching for part 2.



  1. WOW that stinks that you’re leaving us!! i guess you won’t be missing the sun any longer. good luck teaching!

  2. Oh wow. I hadn’t even realized that. When I began blogging, there was absolutely no chance of me ever leaving the night watch, as far as I was concerned. Wow.

  3. wowza. and there it is.

    grace to you, friend. i’m going to miss your face in the soundbooth. : )

  4. See, what I think you need to realize is that you are becoming a daywalker in a true sense. You’ve still got a heart for the night; you’ve still got those weird nightish powers, but you’ve been set free. You’re stronger now. I won’t elaborate, because it delves into movie scripts that y’all aren’t supposed to be familiar with. But trust me. Daywalker, yes, but you haven’t lost the night.

    Plus, you’ve got all sorts of possibilities with the blog title: “Missing Missing the Sun”; “Missing the Moon”; “Messing with the Sun”; “No Longer Missing the Sun”. Um, those are just the lame ones. “Missing the Sun” still works, too. Now that you’re in management and even more tied up with responsibilities, who knows when you’ll ever emerge from the cave.

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