Drastic Changes, Part 2

July 14, 2007

As I mentioned in my last post, I am switching to days.

On Wednesday, I was already about 90% sure that I was going to switch when Kristen and David called me into the front office. I wanted it to be scary… but there was no reason to be scared. So I went in… intrigued… curious… puzzled… and a little excited.

They explained some transitions that were about to happen in the bookstore. The short version… someone is leaving and Mandy is taking that job. Mandy is responsible for some of my favorite things in the bookstore. (Things that most people dread and I thoroughly enjoy for some bizarre reason.)

I wasn’t EXACTLY asked to take Mandy’s job. Mandy’s job is going to cease to exist. Everything Mandy does will now be added to David’s already-abundant responsibilities in the bookstore. We will then sit down and divide up all of David’s responsibilities (old and new) between the two of us. So, one position in the bookstore is disappearing and another is being created.

In all honesty, they sort of begged me to say yes. Which was fantastic. It’s fun to be really wanted every once in a while. While accepting the job was kind of a big deal and involved some serious commitment and other significant changes in my already drastically shifting life… it would have been ridiculous for me not to take it. So they really probably didn’t need to beg. But, hey… what’s done is done. 🙂

Just taking Mandy’s job would have been a good fit for me in a lot of ways. But this new thing that is coming into existence is really perfect. This would be a really long post if I went into all of the details of where this fits into who I am and how God made me and vision and dreams and goals that I have had for several years. It’s almost amusing… that this little job in the bookstore is so… fulfilling.

The point when the decision became final in my heart/head/whatever was this random, almost magical moment that happened in David’s car. He was explaining what he was really wanting and it just resonated. He was using language that fit goals/dreams that I had just been reviewing a few days earlier.

I will write more about all of that later.

My job title, according to David, is Assistant Manager. I don’t know if that will end up becoming official. But it works for now. I don’t care what they call me. Maybe I should. But, if they call me the assistant to the manager… well… ok… whatever. I will be assisting David. And I love that. I think we make a good team. However important or unimportant my job ends up sounding… I’ll be doing the same thing.

I begin training (for Mandy’s current job) on Monday. Starting Thursday, I take over those responsibilities. Eventually, we will sit down to redistribute everything and create my actual job.

They are being amazingly flexible with me. Obviously, the Daniel Academy is top priority. And I will even be able to shift my work day at the bookstore back an hour or two so that I can participate in a morning prayer room team and still do a full 24 hours in the prayer room every week. AND… for the next two weeks (while I need to be on days), I will be able to work in the evenings.

I love God’s leadership. He totally knows what He is doing.



  1. that’s such a great deal, christine! the Lord is shifting things around to help you out… that is really stinking cool.

    you better still come see us every once in a while in the night. yes.

  2. Congratulations! God is so cool!

  3. I’m happy and excited for you 😀 . . . and I can’t help laughing at how Dwight Schrute the whole “assistant to the manager” thing is. 😉 You need to call your boss on that. “Hey, Dave, am I being ‘Schruted’?” Hehehehe. Yes, I am always encouraging you to provoke your superiors. Um, I think it’s a Kingdom thing. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Seriously, congratulations. 😀

  4. Kacie and Dorean – Thanks! 🙂 I’m really excited… and really grateful.

    Dad – Yes… Matthias and I have walked through the whole Dwight Schrute conversation. (He tried to bait me with “You’re the assistant to the manager” and then told me that I needed to argue back. I informed him that Dwight was not exactly someone I wanted to emulate. Of course, I concluded that conversation with, “But, for the record… I am the assistant manager.”)

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