Day 2: My Job Rocks

July 18, 2007

That’s it. That’s really all I wanted to say. I love my job. It’s perfect for me. And I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I made my tentative schedule today. It looks good, so far. Tomorrow, David and I sit down to sort some things out and actually define my new job.

Today was also my first weekly manager’s meeting. I think I am going to enjoy those. (I like the people… and it updates me on what is going on throughout the store. Good stuff.) A lot is changing right now.

Thus far, there are only two things that I am not liking in the new job:

1 – The art end of things. I just feel completely unqualified to be dealing with artists. I’m about as left-brained as they get. Perhaps it will be better than I think.

2 – Cashier-deprived Cycle Counting. We just lost one third of the people who help with cycle counting. This means that everyone else is ending up with about… 50% more work to do. And this is my first cycle counting sheet. Eek. It’ll work out. It’s just a little intimidating to have such a shortage on my first run at the thing. And… to be completely honest… I love challenges and problem-solving. So… yay.

Hmm… number 2 involved a lot of alliteration.

Even with those two factors (AND the fact that I am probably going to work for 11-12 hours straight on Fridays… after 4.75 hours of prayer room and briefings)… I am still super excited about this whole thing.

The job fits me like a glove. Maybe a glove that has a sixth finger hanging off of the edge of it, but a glove nonetheless. (That sixth finger being art, of course…) The fingers in the glove that have corresponding fingers on my hand fit perfectly. We just have to see about growing a sixth finger. Or taking some scissors and thread to the glove. Growing a 6th finger is pretty creepy, when you think about it.

Wow… I sure did carry that glove thing out. I did it just long enough to make it completely ridiculous.

My prediction for tomorrow: another blog that goes on and on about how much I love my job and how great it is for me. Seriously… God is so good to me. I love this!



  1. so i’m a retarded cosmetically-undesirable appendage now? see if i get you anything for your half-birthday…

  2. My half-birthday already passed. You DIDN’T get me anything. No harm…

  3. And… no. You are not. You are the empty finger in my glove that causes me to realize that I am lacking.

    I love artists… I just think that communication with the vast majority of them is going to be QUITE a challenge for me. I mean… look at how well you and I are doing on this point, thus far. 🙂

  4. Ironic (btw, irony is an artistic device) that point one would be followed by point two packed with alliteration and an extended (perhaps strained–but in a good way and the strained ones are some of my favorites, those and the mixed ones; seriously, but I digress) metaphor. You have great taste and you’re amazingly creative. You’re one of the best writers I know and, when you let yourself, you ascend into a wonderful poetry. Don’t waste your time with false humility.

    If anything, you’ve let yourself be deceived by some of society’s (and, yes, the accuser’s) lies about what art is and who artists are. Play those lies out and they are all absurd–but not funny, because we take them seriously and thereby leave each other in bondage and the world deprived of the hidden and silent artists’ contribution.

    Not only your writing, but your prayer and your musical and design sense come quickly to mind. If nothing else, acknowledge that you have inherited (and learned) certain gifts from your mother and, yeah, from me too. But you’ve got way more than that: you’ve an inheritance from your Heavenly Father and a lifetime of experiences imbued with and transmuted by His grace.

    Say that you need to spend more time on your craft. Say that you don’t understand it. But don’t deny who you are and what you’ve been given.

    The polydactyl and the polysemous–we have two choices when faced with a mystery: we can mock it or face into it. And the greatest mystery of all, we worship. You’re created in the Creator’s image. You have His eyes, His heart and His hands. Don’t be afraid of the sixth finger (yeah, that sounds goofy, but I’m going to leave it ;-)).

    Lecture over . . . for now.

  5. One of my favorite scriptures:

    18 Then I realized that it is good and proper for a man to eat and drink, and to find satisfaction in his toilsome labor under the sun during the few days of life God has given him– for this is his lot.
    19 Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work– this is a gift of God.
    20 He seldom reflects on the days of his life, because God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart.

    Ec 5:18-20 (NIV)

  6. I agree that you’ll be able to communicate with the artists just fine. Kacie being a case in point. Me being another case in point (although I am a pretty left-brained person, I enjoy and can at least kind of do a number of the arts). Becca F. and Jen B. being another two cases in point. Sommer, David…


    You’ll make it just fine. 🙂

  7. alright. so you like me. late response on my behalf, but i’m an artist… it’s what we do…


    i still owe amanda baked goods for her 100th comment. i reckon when i make her surprise, i shall make a great lot of extra and this shall be your belated half-birthday gift. how does a nice batch of everything but the kitchen sink cookies sound?

  8. Okay, so the comment is not on my blog, but since my name was brought up I think everything but the sink sounds awesome. 🙂

  9. OK… so maybe I WILL be able to handle the artists. I just want to be able to serve them well.

    Brian – Ooh. I like that.

    Amanda – yeah… I am surrounded by a lot of artists.

    Kacie – Everything but the kitchen sink sounds great! (I think you should call it everything but the nutty kitchen sink… because… well… I do.)

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