Day 3: I Love David Scoggan

July 19, 2007

Primary reason I love David… he’s an incredible guy. (I have been saying for quite a while that he is my favorite person in the entire male half of the population… that is, excluding anyone that I am related to.) I just love him. He’s great. Seriously… if you don’t know David Scoggan, you are missing out. I truly am blessed by his friendship.

BUT… today’s cause seriously appreciating the guy can be found in two things: what he took away from me and what he gave to me.

We sat down today to figure out what my actual job will be. He first asked if there was anything that I didn’t want to do. Obviously, I wanted to get rid of art (my sixth finger). … And he said he would take it!!! You have no idea how happy that made me. I was so relieved.

(Of course, I later decided that it was too much to ask him to take, so I will probably do most of it anyway. I will just ask him to help me with a couple of specific things… like hanging the art and deciding where it goes and all.)

And what did he give me? I get to do the scheduling!!! I get to wade through the mess of people’s availability and crazy needs for conferences and stuff. I get to sort it all out and do some serious problem-solving. And I love it!

David knew that I would want to do scheduling. I think that there is a degree to which he also enjoys it. (David and I have a lot in common… so there will be lots of opportunities to serve one-another by relinquishing something that we both enjoy or taking on something that neither of us really likes.) But… I am thrilled that he gave it to me. He is a busy man, anyway.

So… no surprise. I am still delighting in my job. God totally knew what He was doing.

I love everything about it. I’ve spent some time getting desk space (and my desktop on the computer) organized. I wrote my first entry in the communication log. I spent a ridiculously long time figuring out how to do our cycle counting sheet while we are amazingly short-handed. (I think I’ve finally figured it out.) I labeled things. I fixed things. I organized things. I filled things out. I cleaned things up. I figured out more stuff I want to do something about. I developed and changed some systems. I counted things. I colored things. I color-coded things.

Sigh… I love my job.



  1. You color-coded things. That makes me smile for all sorts of reasons. 🙂 And I was just telling someone the other day about that whole deal. You know what I mean.

    Also, I’m glad you haven’t completely relinquished the sixth finger, and that things are getting even better.

    Sorry if I got a little scary in my rant on your other post. I’ve been processing through it ever since. I don’t know that I’d recant any of it, but context, clarity. Oy. “Worms, Roxanne. I’m afraid of worms.”

  2. Do you get to make stickers with a label-maker? That’s an office chore I LOVE!!! I got to do that when we packed to move a couple months ago, and it was so cool! I got to color-code, too. Another awesome experience!

  3. No label-maker. But plenty of similar office fun.

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