Day 5: I Love My Hoodie

July 21, 2007

The original title of today’s blog was going to be something along the lines of “I’ve had a headache all day and neither love nor hate anything,” to be immediately followed by “But I have been annoyed by a great many things today.”

As it turns out, the title just wasn’t all that practical for me. (I like to try to keep them on the shorter side… and I was aiming to end the “Day__” bookstore series on a happier note… at last as far as titles are concerned.)

It’s true, though… I have had a headache all day. And it hasn’t been a fun one. Thus, my general feelings about everything have been “Eh…” or a simple shrug with no accompanying noise. The world is different when you are interacting with it through the blurring lens and muffling wall of a headache. Different… and more annoying.

BUT… even in the midst of all of that, I realized that there was this one, bright, shining new arrival into my life that is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. My new hoodie.

I finally have a hoodie. My very own. Mine, mine, mine. I, Christine,  have a black forerunner bookstore hoodie with a fantastic blue design on it.

I have had my eye on those things since they came into existence. I loved them. And I wanted one. But, not only did you have to work at the bookstore to get one… you also had to be a manager. It was so far out of reach.

And now I have one.

They’re pretty. They’re comfortable. They’re versatile. They’re warm. They’re soft. They’re black and blue. They’re long. They’re lovely. They’re beautiful. They’re … cozy. They’re perfect.

Sigh… how I love my hoodie.

If there weren’t approximately 1348 other things that I loved about the forerunner bookstore (and my job, specifically) the hoodie would be enough to make the whole thing worthwhile. Not just worthwhile… awesome.

(Speaking of hoodie… I don’t think I like either spelling. Hoody is lame. And hoodie seems lacking as well. I feel this need to talk about hoodies in the plural when I am writing about them… because neither spelling of the singular is satisfactory to me. But, once again… just not practical.)


One comment

  1. How ’bout an acronym: TWIH (That which is hooded).

    Alternately, it seems to me that you could adopt french spelling for your garnment – french spelling defies my attempts to rationalize, but seems to involve adding about five or six random letters (often inexplicably ending in “x”). Whenever anyone asks you what *that* word is, you simply adopt a snooty expression, pronounce the word any way you like, then conclude “that’s french.”

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