Boundary Issues

July 29, 2007

In my first two weeks at my new job, I have confirmed one fact beyond any contestation: I have boundary issues.

I kind of live at the bookstore now. I will probably end up putting in something like 60 hours this week by the time that everything is said and done. It’s just reality… I’m there A LOT.

Here’s the thing, though… I’m not alone.

On Wednesday, I walked into the bookstore around 11:30pm. The alarm did not go off. As I walked further, I noticed a light spilling out from the cracks above and below the front office door. And then I saw it… the David… still working. As lacking in boudaries and tied to the bookstore as I am.

(After the exchanging of “What are you doing here?” inquiries, David said something along the lines of “We both need boundaries!”)

David didn’t leave until about 1:30 that night. (I left about an hour later.)

Tonight, there was a similar scenario. No beeping of the alarm … the telling light from the cracks in the doorway… and the presence of David Scoggan.

What’s bad about tonight is the fact that Stacey had just convinced me to go home and call it a night. This was PRETTY MUCH my night off, after all. At least we left before 1am this time.

In our defense, though… we have a big training meeting tomorrow. The cashier handbook had to be completely reworked and we had to do a lot of brainstorming and make a lot of decisions about how things are done in the store. (And… there’s the fantastic scheduling fiasco with our amazing cashier shortage.)

Things will be different next week. (And really… I’m not just going to say that every week until I hit burnout.)

(AND… we weren’t working 100% of the time, tonight. We talked about God… Jeremiah, Hosea, Theology of Hope, the freedom to feel, death, pain, puppies, agreement with God, mercy, and a multitude of things that are of a similar nature.)



  1. puppies!? and just why was i not invited to the puppy-chat?

  2. That’s funny. When I saw the headline, I assumed it was going to be about your felt need for personal space and mostly past issues of freaking out when it’s violated. Turns out that the meaning is almost the opposite, though perhaps a bit more metaphorical.

    So, does anyone else’s mind automatically roam to “Dead Puppies” (. . . death, pain, puppies . . .) and wonder how it might (intentionally or by interpolation) fit with its other neighbors in the list? Or is it just me? Um, in the absence of any affirmatives, I won’t mention the specifics of my musings. . . .

    Is any of you youngsters even familiar with “Dead Puppies”? It’s not something I made up, just so you know.

  3. Dad – Well… the fact that puppies grow old and eventually die did come into the conversation at one point. But.. that’s probably not what you were referring to.

    Kacie – Sorry. We’ll invite you to later puppy conversations. Does it help at all that the conversation you missed involved the inevitable death of the puppy?

  4. Joel: I’m not a youngster, but I don’t know about dead puppies. Am I missing something good? The closest I can come is dead baby jokes, which are and always have been way too disgusting to be told by or around girls! (My husband of 24 years knew them all back in the day…)

  5. “Dead puppies aren’t much fun”? Is that what you are talking about?

    Ugh… the things my dad makes me google.

  6. oh! i know the dead puppies song! i had a friend who did ministry with me in college who would frequently play/sing that song for kicks at our weekly meetings. i often added a sad puppy background vocal… it’s a great song…

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